Monday 20 April 2015

Five Parsecs: Corridor and Furniture

I have been making these for the last couple of weeks now, off and on. Its taken me quite a while to think and decide how I was going to approach some of the last, but tricky, parts of the star ship floor plans/tiles.

When I started making these I had the idea that they could be put together to make a variety star ship configurations. So I have to keep that in mind whenever I create anything, it must mix in with what I already have and not stop my creative possibilities.

I have to give more than a passing nod to Battlesystems who create fantastic Sci-fi terrain. The consoles that I created here are directly influenced by them.


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    1. Well I am a bit obsessive about making stuff and I only work half time at moment, due to being ill last year, that and a very understanding other half, all add up to lots of modelling time. So sort of lucky I recon :-)