Wednesday 29 April 2015

Skaven Censor Bearers

Completed these last night so thought the best thing was to get them on the blog. Funny really because I was thinking that these miniatures were going to be one of the longest to create, but actually they weren't too bad. I made quite a few bits off the model, like the handle for the censors, and the censors themselves from some old beads I had lying about and thin green garden wire for the chain.

Recon that just about completes all the standard troop types I'm going to do for our Quest games, just the Rat  Ogres and a good variety of characters and all is done :-)


  1. they aren't screaming pestilens to me... think your other skaven had more green than these guys.. just my opinion.

    1. They are quite grey, but not worried, when I get a chance I might highlight a few bits of cloth in a murky green.