Thursday 30 April 2015

Skaven Rat Ogre

This is where I am up to with the Rat Ogre, not easy because of the original model and its pose. Yes, if you were wondering, it is based on one of my sons toys from some 18 years ago: namely a midgit wrestler model.

I have used 6 previously to create a unit of Trolls for my WFB Orcs and I still have a few left over, my son doesn't seem to want them any longer, wonder why?

He has a certain Sad expression to my eye, certainly not violent!

Still need some little bits filling and finishing, like round the base of the tail and under the chin. Its never going to be brilliant but then I was under no illusion that it would be :-)


  1. I think you've done it for the most part - the feet really help but you need to add some claws on his hands (they are fists but the claw on the thumb would show)

    1. You're dead right, the fists are strange, I had toyed (no pun intended) with idea of cutting one hand off and trying to form a claw, but the enthusiasm quite left me. Perhaps with one of the other two. The thumbs on the other hand definitely need attention. Cheers Tristan :-)