Saturday 11 April 2015

Short Brown Simian Alien

Following on from my giraffe/grey Alien I give you my next offering from the cheap animal collection: the short brown simian alien fashioned from a child's gorilla model, again I have 4 of these and so will make a gang of them in the end.

Good fun to make and unusual, I believe, keeps the games lively and exciting! :-)
I cribbed lots of bits and pieces from various kits, the bolter, backpack and shoulder pads are from a Space Marine, while the right arm was swapped for an Ork one with an axe, by which I mean that the Ork arm had an axe (not that I removed the arm with an axe :-)) a bit of armour from a Kroot model and a couple of grenades from some Tau left over bits. A bit of tickling with some paint and there you have it!

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