Wednesday 15 April 2015

April Challenge Update

Thought I would, for my own ease of mind, lay out where I am up to on the April challenge. I think they're coming along well although as I get through the list there are miniatures which will require longer and longer to create, thankfully there are fewer models in the group.

At the moment, I have the Stormvermin to paint, today, and have been modelling the Ogres and the Globadiers in bits and pieces.

I do not have enough old Skaven to complete the project, but I do have the Mordheim Skaven, although they are a lot smaller, and I might have a solution to the lack but will divulge that if it comes off.

12 Clanrats
6 Gutter runners
6 Assassins
3 Warpfire thrower teams
6 Jezzails
9 Stormvermin
12 Plague Monks
6 Censor Bearers
6 Globadiers
3 Rat Ogres. could be a problem
Grey Seers, as many as I can make
Characters, as many as I can manage.

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