Tuesday 7 April 2015

Faroth's Gear: @Tristan M

Tristan, these are the bits and pieces I play with when I use Faroth, although this picture was a while back, Faroth is level 2 now with 10 power. So I use a mixture of beads and sawn off bits of broom handle for the heal and confuse markers. The lightning marker is a skewer, beads, coin base and a piece of card cut to shape with off-cuts on top. I fancy experimenting more with the beads because it is possible to see text through them, so I could glue heal etc behind another colour of bead. I have to say the sheet rarely looks this neat, bits tend to end up everywhere. :-)


  1. Really well done - the blue suits because of his paint job. I've been trying to use really different colours on each character I paint so it wouldn't work as well. Thinking the base would allow a set of 4 colours be used to make them obvious.

    1. I didn't really think too clearly about the colours, I had some blue stones , the pot was grey and Faroth turned out powder blue/grey.. sorry to say not by design. The only part that is by design is that I always work with a very limited pallet of colours. Less is more :-)

    2. Yes, same here I tried to pick two major colours to use throughout each figure but change them up drastically. I can just see this working really well across several games (talisman, the "quests", etc.)

      Are all your brooms a bit short? Or did you just buy a spare handle and use it up? ;)

  2. He he, I have to do a lot of stooping when I clean up :-)