Tuesday 21 April 2015

Five Parsecs Report: First Quest Mission Three

Mission Three: Part 3
The Unoleg Affair:
Sarin was proving to be a difficult planet to put behind the crew. By now all Junke wanted to do was to get off planet, she didn't feel happy handing over Halo Jobes to Unoleg via Plade. Rumours had been circulating, since they had taken Jobes from the punks, that they were actually protecting her from medical vivesection at the hands of the very people who had employed Junke and the crew.
Feeling ill at ease Junke, Krat and Vassily led Halo to the rendezvous point.

Anxious and somewhat twitchy the two groups faced off across the grim depot buildings. Two of Plades henchmen moved quickly forward toward the mid point... Far too quickly for Vassily who opened up at he nearest henchman with his cling fire pistol, later he swore blind that the henchman had drawn his pistol. He missed but the henchman bailed. Following his action both Krat and Junke also blazed away all three henchmen bailed.

The rendezvous point is reached and nervously the crew wait.

The henchmen move forard to take up positions, but the crew trigger a firefight, causing 2 henchmen to bail and one to go down.

Firefight brings on extra henchmen.

Krat uses his psychic power to push back henchman about to shoot. Then the crew move to rear of complex.

Scurry brings on one more henchman at same entrance.

Henchmen move forward but can't shoot.

Vassily led Halo to safety.
Junke lobs a frak grenade towards the moving henchmen.

Several bounces later the Frag grenade goes off, causes henchman to flinch.

Scurry move for henchmen brings them through the door and round the wall in numbers.

A henchman appears just where crew don't want him.

Krat throws grenade and downs 3.
Junke shoots and kills one henchman.

Vassily and Krat were blocked by the latest henchman as they had thrown a scurry and couldn't move into combat!

Scurry, Junke moves into the corridor and uses her covering fire ability to shoot at end of scurry, she downs henchman.

The henchmen scurry, but crew escape with Halo Jobes.

The crew and Halo step over the last henchman, who lay stunned on the ground.

Junke ordered the three crew and Halo to make for the Dennis Dennis, to get off planet as quickly as possible. They would not be welcome on Sarin for some time and may even be hunted by Unoleg off world.

The Crew gained no loot for this adventure, they hadn't actually completed their task and it didn't seem right to profit from an unfulfilled contract. 

When they reached the SS Sulimann, Kassel was still being medicated by Jazz who was limping about. Kassel wouldn't be taking part in any more adventures, he was just too badly hurt. But he would continue to work on the Sullimann and man it as off world support. This left a gap in the crew roster and a roll on the Loot table had actually suggested a Captive, it seemed only right that Halo Jobes should become the new member of the crew.

Having now completed several missions my next Five Parsecs Post will be a review of the game system.


  1. Yep I'm afraid they all are at the moment, but hope to encourage some other souls to join me. Although I have to say that Five Parsecs does play well solo, I've never played solo before these 5/6 games and I've enjoyed each one. You just have to be quite strict with yourself and abide by whatever the dice give you. Like Kassel only ever playing in 2 of the 6 games because of injuries, its how the narrative went.

  2. One of the benefits with solo gaming is that you can roleplay it a bit more. It becomes more about establishing a story than "winning" necesarily.

    1. I agree and think that's why I'm enjoying it so much at the moment. Also there are many situations thrown up by the tables which make you re-think or exercise your imagination to make it all fit together. Great game, thanks Ivan :-)