Tuesday 28 April 2015

Starship Furniture: Larger Consoles

I have been working on these and wanted to show how they are put together, didn't want to just present the finished product.

They are made from card stock, cereal packet card, foam card and a lolly stick. Also paint as well, mainly cheap acrylics.

With basic colours.

In its raw state, I used the foam card to create two legs them joined them with a lolly stick.

Another lolly stick up the back for more stability and strength, all glued in place with PVA and left for an hour ish to dry.

I think some in purple might look nice too.


  1. your terrain is amazingly consistent - always looks like it belongs. well done!

    1. Cheers Tristan, sometimes when I can't work out where to go with a piece I leave it well alone for a while, then come back to it later. I have a castle half built as a result :-)