Wednesday 8 April 2015

Modelling, Gutterunners, Assassins and Stormvermin

Thought I would show all the little bits of modelling I have been doing on the above Skaven models. I'm trying to get  the Skaven done that have the larger number appearing in the Quest book. I had missed Stormvermin and gone on to Gutterunners, but soon realised my mistake.

Actually the Stormvermin will come out ok, I think. The ones that are causing me problems are the Assassins, trying to making them look different from the Gutterunners. I tried to do a cloak type effect, but it did not come out well.

The Gutterunners, all 6 are made, just one painted.

Prototype Stormvermin, 8 more to construct.

First Assassin, still not very happy.

Character models, made from bits of Mordheim Skaven. no bodies just legs, heads and weapons... no I don't know what happened to the torsos.

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