Thursday 16 April 2015

Five Parsecs Report: First Quest Mission Two

Mission Three: Part 2
The Unoleg Affair:
Still on planet Sarin and now with the whereabouts of the psycher known to them, Junke, Vassily, Jazz, Kassel and Kratoom make their way toward the tower hideout of the Punk Gang.

It was nice to have the whole team available for once with the return of Kassel who had been badly injured several missions before. It had been reasonably easy to locate Jung Tomas and convince him that the crew had the psyker's best interests at heart. Now all they had to do was to free Halo Jobes from the clutches of the Punk Gang.

The punk gang's tower hide out.

Three objectives guarded by punks, which would contain Halo Jobes? 

The first three turns the crew crept forward stealthily.

A punk patrols round the back of the hide out.

The punk leader guns down Krat, but he is not injured.

Another punk fires on Vassily and makes him flinch.

Jazz downs and kills the punk leader.

Krat recovers and moves towards first objective, but is downed again, still no injuries.

The patrolling punk dashes for 12 "!

Jazz and Krat fire on the punk near the first objective and make him bail.

Krat and Jazz part their ways and Krat is spattered with shck fire causing him to bail.

Jazz clearly in the punks sites catches a belly full of shotgun pellets.

The patrolling punk dashes for another 11"!

Krat tries to protect Jazz too late while Kassel moves towards first objective.

Junke hangs back and charges into patrolling punk, removing most of his important places with her glare sword.

Krat is gunned down and hurt, but his alien skin allows him to shrug off the first kill of the mission. Kassel is not so lucky and goes down to shotgun shells.

Then kassel is put out of his misery by the punk that shot him.

Vassily makes it round the corner just in time to see his crew mate put out of action and so unleashes his cling fire pistol upon punk killing him outright.

Krat and the punk on the second floor exchange shots.

With Vassily's help they manage to drive the punk away from the objective.

Krat and Vassily are watched from above.

The punk Krat and Vassily fired on drops off the edge of the building falling onto the lower objective.

Krat opens the crate hoping to find Halo... but there is nothing there.

Junke finally gets close to an objective.

Krat goes down in a hail of bullets but still uninjured.

Junke misses her shot at the punk and he decides to launch himself into hand to hand, thinking the charge may give him the advantage.

Junke despatches him easily.

The last punk standing bails from Krats auto rifle and falls 9" to his death.

Junke opens the crate and finds Halo Jobes who has altered her molecules to look like a piece of the purest Green.

At the end of the game the crew were successful but at what cost! This could well be the end for Kassel, who has permanently damaged one of his legs reducing his move to 5 and will not be available for another 8 games. Jazz is ok but needs a game to rest so won't be available for the last game in the quest.

A quick roll on the loot table gained the group a load of Alien relics which can be sold later.  

The last game in this mission will be the drop off. The crew will have to take Halo Jobes to the rendezvous point with Plade and who knows what else.

(There is a film version of this over on you tube, but thought it would be nice to have both.)

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