Sunday 5 April 2015

Wound Tubs

Realised that I had not posted pictures of how we record our characters wounds during a game of Quest. We use these small card tubs, that I made quite a while ago, to put red glass beads, one per wound, obviously.

I made them out of cereal packet layered over with paper and PVA glue until the structure became hard. On top of the basic structure I added lots of smaller bits of card, like round the rim and round the base. Then on the inside I mixed up some PVAcrete and applied it inside the tub. When it hardened it was like rock.

Then to complete, I painted them with acrylic paint and when finished lacquered the whole thing with acrylic clear varnish. Surprisingly when all that is done the tubs are really very durable.


  1. This is brilliant. Do you have other components in the same 4 colours that each player uses? You gave me the idea to make something like that including a little magnetic base for figs to sit on with those same colours.

    1. Glad you like them Tristan, they make the game a bit more visual and less wear on character sheets. I haven't made any other components, a few spell markers, but that's it really. Your idea of the magnetic base sounds good :-) If I think of anything else will post it, let me know how your character base goes.

    2. Inspired by THIS - I really liked how it gave the model a "board game piece" type feel (ie. "I'm red!")

      I see your updated post I will comment more there.

  2. Can see why you like the miniature it all works nicely together, notice the limited variety of colours, as you said even the base ties in with the scheme :-)