Friday 3 April 2015


I have managed to complete, probably the most straight forward of my new challenge, the Skaven Clanrats, 12 of them.

These are all made from rather old Skaven models, the ones that came with Advanced Heroquest and some I seem to have inexplicably gathered but from where, only the Buddha knows. The only thing I had to add was a bit of filling where there were holes punched to locate the shields.


  1. You know, I always liked these guys. I think they used to sell them as a standalone box as well, back in 3rd edition Warhammer days or thereabouts.

    Looked like you went a bit more grey than people usually do. Looks like they'd be good at hiding in a dank dungeon :-)

    1. These are the very models you thinking of, the ones with slightly more armour came in a green box, eight of them I think.
      Didn't mean them to go grey, it was the wash/varnish I put on at end, will probably not use it on rest. But as you say will look ok in a dungeon. :-)

    2. I do like the effect!
      They could always be a rival clan or some such :) Or maybe they're infiltrators.

    3. Sounds like an interesting idea, could stick with the grey on all the rest, cheers Ivan. :-)