Tuesday 11 August 2015

AOSigmar: Beastmen V Chaos Warriors: Game 3

Played last night against Mark over at the Wakefield Warriors Games Club and had a really good time. This is my 3rd game now and I am enjoying playing to be honest, but it is a very different game to WFB. Soon I will be receiving my Kings of War Kickstarter stuff and that will be giving me another sort of battle game to play. We are keeping with 8 scrolls, max 20 wounds in a unit and 2 monsters max.

Beastman Army
5 Minotaurs
3 Tuskgor Chariots
5 Razorgor
20 Gor
20 Bestigor

Mark's Chaos Warriors
Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount
5 Trolls
4 Skullcrushers of Khorne 
10 Warriors
10 Warriors
Gorebeast Chariot
6 Chaos Knights 

Sorry about the silly angles, I have learned my lesson and will never do it again :-(

Experimented with rushing forward and using the Beastman ability to run and charge.

Brought the Razorgor round the building hoping to bottleneck the Lord and the chariot.

But the Knights helped to crash into the Tuskgor chariots, who had failed their charge in the previous turn.

Bestigor held out well with Mystic shield and inspiring presence to aid them.

Looked like the Chaos lord would take Morghur out of the game, but he failed his charge.
In response Morghur took three wounds from the Lord with Devolve.

Bestigor slowly whittled away!

Razorgor to the rescue, finish off the Lord.

Last Bestigor crushed by the Trolls and Skullcrushers

Over 2 rounds of combat the Razorgor kill the Gorbeast Chariot.

And at this point Mark and I called the game an honourable draw.

One thing that I definitely learned last night was that I don't know what to do with the Gors. They are a big unit that get in the way and don't have a role to play yet, they need further thought.
The Razorgor were fun, they had two big charges and two big wins, finishing off the Chaos lord and the Chariot.
My chariots are a great tar pit, especially since it takes quite a while before they start taking Battleshock tests.
But the biggest thumbs up must go to the two shamen, Malagor amd Morghur, who between them really held the army together. They used a combo of mystic shield to help some units hold in there while using Arcane Bolt and Viletide to destroy others. Four spells a turn was devastating.

Great game Mark, thanks very much.

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