Sunday 9 August 2015

Holiday Ideas/Drawings

I have been recently been re-reading a load of novels that I read as a teenager back in the 70's. Finished the Hawkmoon series, by Michael Moorcock on holiday but previously to that had finished the first book of the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, which I enjoyed all over again. 

Well, as I have always loved playing Warmaster, it occured to me that I might have a go at making some 10 mm miniatures based on the creatures from the Chronicles.

So I started making some drawings.

Cavewights next. 
But not till I have completed the August Challenge!


  1. Cool! I read the Thomas Covenant books as a young teenager in the 80s...not long after I read LotR for the first time...and, though I really enjoyed them, I struggled a bit with the darkness of the characters and the moral ambiguity compared to LotR. Not light-reading! Always meant to give them another read, though...

  2. I felt exactly the same and to be honest even re-reading it now I still felt quite angry with Covenant, but I suppose its a comment on how the book draws the reader into the world of the leper and how well its written. Although it still has me reaching for the dictionary every other page :-)