Saturday 1 August 2015

August Challenge

This month I intend focusing my modelling on a load more 10 mm  Clash on the Fringe miniatures. These are always more difficult to complete mainly because I will be making them from scratch.

So what do I intend making:

15 Unity Guardsmen
5 Unity heavy weapons Guardsmen
5 Unity Marines
1 medium tank (this just needs painting)

5 Pirate Wookee skimmer riders

10 Drools with wings, name to come later
10 Horde slimes
10 Converted

3 more areas of flat alien terrain like the one I have already completed
1 tall tower for the 10 mm industrial complex
1 low square building for industrial complex.

First thing to do was to make the frames and mount them on pennies or on washers, depending on what I have available. I have made all the frames at once, needed to get them done as soon as possible.

Already started as you can see!

Problem: Serefina and I go away on holiday to Pembrokeshire today for the first week of August, so I might find this challenge a little difficult, but then it wouldn't be a challenge would it?