Monday 10 August 2015

Make a Medieval Cottage a bit Steampunk?

I have had quite a dilemma over terrain developing in my head over the last few months since I bought In Her Majesty's Name and decided I'd like to have a go at playing it.

I have loads of medieval terrain, buildings but nothing even vaguely "Victorian", and while I was away I did some rough sketches of what I could do to alter the look of the cottages without having to do too much work and without actually altering the models I have irreparably.

I came up with all sorts of plans for the general look of play but also some specific ideas for the buildings. Here is the first tweak:


  1. Looks great! A real Central European Gothic/Steampunk vibe...perfect for IHMN!

    1. Cheers Gordon, you've made me think I may need to have a vampire running around that Gothic Central European village for a "company" to sort out!

    2. I shall look forward to your batrep! There's a load of IHMN Gothic stuff on the author's blog, in case you hadn't seen it:

    3. No I hadn't seen it, but giving it look now, thanks for heads up Gordon :-)