Tuesday 25 August 2015

AOSigmar: Beastmen V Dark Elves (5)

Club night over in Wakefield last night and I got to play Chris with his Dark Elves. I was very interested to see how his army worked as I have loads of Dark Elves myself.

So after a huge discussion about the whys and wherefores of Marvel films and their union with Disney, which was interesting, we got on with the game.

The Dark Elves started deployment and so had the first turn.

Chris's Dark Elves:
Master BSB
20 Darkshards
20 Corsairs 
20 Black Guard
10 Cold one Knights

My Beastmen were:

20 Bestigor
10 Centigor
3 Tuskgor Chariots
5 Minotaurs
5 Razorgor

The only slight alteration was that the Minotaurs had Double handed weapons this time.

The Razorgor were wiped out by the Black Guard, they are really nasty!

The Bestigor slowly whittle the Cold one Knights down.

The Doombull and the Hydra sqaure up. 

Although 3 Minotaurs were slain, they managed to kill 9 in return and the subsequent battleshock took another 4 Elves I believe.

Two handed weapons causing 3 wounds are very good!

The Corsairs and the Knights are nearly defeated,

As is the Doombull.

So while the Doombull is slaughtered 

So is the Dreadlord.

The last Corsair is laid to rest.

But then the Hydra thumps the living daylights out of the Centigor. While the Master destroyed both Chariots.

In a final ditch attempt at victory the Bestigor plough in, while Malagor cast spells at the Hydra.

Despite this last picture, the Bestigor, much depleted, killed the Hydra.

This left the Beastmen and the Dark Elves very poorly off and Chris and I agreed to the battle being a draw.


This was a really enjoyable game, it was back and forth and great fun.
Two handed weapons that cause 3 wounds are very good.
Must learn to use the Razorgor better.
Ungor can be used... how?

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