Friday 14 August 2015

Barbarian and the Shaman

Could not resist taking some action shots of the barbarian I made the other day, now that he's all painted up. I'm sure that I've mentioned before that I have quite a large Warmaster Orc army and over the last 15 years ish I have modeled and collected Warmaster and Warmaster Ancients quite a bit, unfortunately I haven't had a game in the last 4 years or so.

Hence the poor Barbarian finds himself surrounded by Orcs, Ogres and Trolls and about to be sacrificed by the Evil Orc Shaman and his trained Squig, Cyril!

Also, Stroezie suggested that I may want to consider the idea of making a magnetized Travel Quest set. The seed is growing in my head as I type. 

I was really pleased that the Barbarian was of a similar scale to the Orcs, and encourages me to create more.

Will need to work on his jaw however :-)


  1. Think I need to work on noses and mouths, but cheers :-)

  2. That barbarian looks great! He could use a little help though, that's a lot of nasty critters ;-))
    If you're having trouble with faces you may want to check this out
    its a nice and simple step by step tutorial on sculpting faces.( 28mm but the principal stays the same)

  3. Cheers Stroezie will give it a look, yep he needs and Elf friend, a Dwarf compatriot and a Mage to annoy I recon :-)