Sunday 23 August 2015

August Challenge Update

Been working on the challenge for this month. Today, I have been  mostly making guns and arms: with any luck shoulder pads this evening and the majority will be made by end of the day.

Unity Guard, and in the background squid heads (just made their guns.)

Unity Marines.

More Guards and Horde Hippo, looking at the guards I think that they are suffering from swollen head syndrome. 

In the foreground the heavy weapons Guardsmen.
All the weapons are made from cereal packet card


  1. They're all coming along those squid heads!

    1. Cheers Gordon, will be taking a file to the guards heads I think :-)

  2. Work is progressing nicely I see! The scary hippo is looking scarier by the minute ;)
    Can I ask what you're using to sculpt it? is it green stuff or some other magic putty I haven't heard of?

    1. Its just GS, bought through ebay, 36" for about £9 with P&P. To be honest not sure what do with top of the hippo's head, will sort something in end :-)