Wednesday 12 August 2015

Quest: All of the Cards and Boards!

A few weeks ago it occured to me that It might be a good idea to record all the stuff I have made for Warhammer Quest in the past three years or so.

I have loved making these and making them has really given me a sense of achievement, especially since they have been so well used. Me and Serefina have loved playing on, and with, these models.

There will always be more tiles to make and the cards needed to play with them, I look forward to the next challenge. A already looking to make a set of Castle cards.



Some of the basic boards.

Forest tiles.

Magic cards and the three adventure decks, Dungeon, Forest and Caverns.


  1. That's quite the collection! Inspirational stuff, thanks for sharing it all!

  2. Cheers fellas, When I keep all this stuff stuck in boxes most of the time I really didn't appreciate how much of it I had made. So when I laid it all out the other day I was very shocked at it all. Serefina wasn't, she just gave me a knowing look and said something like, "Well you don't do anything else do you really!" :-)

  3. So impressive pal - a lofty goal well achieved!