Sunday 30 August 2015

IHMN: Epiphany

Or have I just stopped being a bit thick? 
Question of the hour, because really its not that much of an epiphany, I can't believe what I was about to start doing!!!!

Basically I have lost track of the things I have already made: this morning I thought I would get some hardboard out and begin making the IHMN terrain I did the drawings for yesterday. I went down stairs to find the large fold up board I had already made to measure the size of the square sections so it would all be compatible.

See if you can guess what I thought....

So slight revision, I will be making 2 round sections to lay on top of the board, otherwise I will be playing most of my games of IHMN on this board, surprise surprise.

And the lesson for today is, always check what you have made before launching headlong into a new venture, because you may already have something that will do.
(/Hangs head in shame)

Better don't you think?