Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Warhammer Quest Card Game

Saw this over at Fantasy Flight Games, will be interested to see what its like when it is released. Can see me and Serefina playing this when we go off on holidays or even to take down the club to play for a bit of a change.

From the video I haven't really been able to gather how the "dungeon exploring" part of the card system works, but since I haven't many card based systems it will be nice to play a game with a different mechanic.

All the game components look well made and nicely illustrated and I especially like the fact that it is still a collaboration game, which can be played solo as well. Think I may well buy this when it comes out. Not aware there is a price yet as the game is still pre-release.

The picture should take you to Fantasy Flight Games and there are videos of the making of the game, all interesting stuff.