Monday, 17 August 2015

IHMN Gothic Steampunk Doorways

After I had produced the first gothic steampunk doorway last week I knew that the next stage was to go into a short run production to create the 15 or so doors I needed.

So rather than making one every now and then I started to make all 15 at once. It can make it much easier to get into the swing of the whole process and you get a more consistent end result, so its worth doing. The down side is that it can get a bit tedious, although 15 of anything isn't too bad.

Dry brushed silver.

Green wash added.

You may have noticed the small details added to the basic frame. Well I did something I don't often do, Ebay had some "steampunk" watch parts for sale, £3.75 brilliant value. So I added them just before I coated them with varnish/stain.

Covered in stain.

Will take some shots with the cottages when the other parts are completed.