Thursday 20 August 2015

Warmaster Orcs

I mentioned earlier this month that I loved Warmaster and had a large Orc army, well I decided to take some photographs of what I have. Most of these are from the GW range although a few are from Mark Copplestone castings. An even smaller number are scratch built by me - some of the war machines.

But having made some 10 mm figures for ClashOTF I'm thinking that my next 10 mm challenge will be to create first some adventurers and then possibly a Barbarian Horde. I have a load of celts from Irregular which I fancy customising.


  1. That's a great big horde isn't it?! The squigs are my favourite ones though :)

    1. Cheers Alexander, especially since I made the Squigs, first 10 mm miniatures I ever made- blobs with teeth :-)