Wednesday 19 August 2015

AOSigmar: Beastmen V Tomb Kings Game 4

I think this will have been my fourth game and again its over at the club in Wakefield, which seems to be going from strength to strength at the moment, nice to see.

Steve and I were playing this week, same force org' as before, 8 scrolls, 20 wounds max per scroll and 2 monsters max.

My Beastmen were:

20 Bestigor
10 Centigor
3 Tuskgor Chariots
5 Minotaurs
5 Razorgor

Deployment shots, we played table quarter to table quarter.

Steve's Tomb Kings were:

Royal Warsphinx
Liche Priest (I think) 
Necrotect (I think!)
5 Ushabti
4 Tomb Scorpions
10 Skeleton Horsemen
20 Tomb Guard

Steve summoned 2 units of 10 skeletons.

The Razorgor came a right cropper, causing only 4 wounds and being slaughtered by the Tomb Guard.

The Tuskgor chariots took out the raised Skeletons.

Down on the left flank the Bestigor took advantage of a failed charge by the Necrosphinx.

Eventually the Necroshinx is destroyed. The Bestigor are charged by the Skeleton Horsemen and Skeleton warriors.

The Tomb Scorpions pop up behind the Minotaurs and slay 2.

The Doombull and Maughtor are surrounded. At the same time my camera decided it was time to go all sepia on me.

The Ushabti charge the chariots.

The Doombull lays into the Tomb Guard and over 2 rounds kill them all.

Protracted combats in the centre of the field. The Beastmen are slowly losing ground though.

The last of the Bestigor are finished off

The Chariot is taken out.

With the Minotaurs demise the game was called, by me, Steve had won a great victory. I really enjoyed the game yet again, and still feel that I am working on the tactics of the game.


Tomb Scorpions popping up 6" away and then charging is devastating.
Summoning can be useful.
I managed to kill the tomb Guard this time, but it cost 2 units, the Razorgor and the Doombull.
The Necrosphinx took a while to kill and took a lot of the Centigor out.
The Tuskgor chariots kept the Ushabti at bay the whole game.
That weapons which triple up their wounds really hurt.
Tried to use Bestgor with Centigor fighting over the top with their 2" range, but it never came off. 

Generally I felt that the game went much better than the last Tomb kings game.
I will try to work out some combo's and/or some formations.
There was little movement in the last 2 turns- a bit static. Need to understand and use retreating more.

Still enjoying the game, well played Steve.


  1. Cheers, still think there is more to this game, will keep trying it out :-)