Monday 24 August 2015

IHMN: Steampunk Machines/Engines

I have been working on these machine pieces which I will use with the doors I made for my cottages. I have already completed 2 of these engines but wanted the whole village to be bound together by a common design element, which meant I needed more of the engines.

Basic shapes, glued together.

Added details.

Final result.

I've used MDF, an old bit from the garage, used card board tubes from various kitchen products which I always save, old felt tips and pencils and of course, matchsticks and cereal card.


  1. Brilliant. Really looking forward to seeing it all together!

  2. That makes two of us Gordon, also need to sort the models out to play. Cheers for comment :-)

  3. Wow, really clever trash-builds! You can't really tell what it used to be when painted up, great work :)