Sunday 30 August 2015

August Challenge Update: Nearing the End

Update on where I am on the August Challenge. Final update tomorrow, but everything plus a few extras are on the way or finished or nearly finished :-)

Here are my first 5 Converted, I think they are some of my most effective miniatures so far and I will be making more of them. With these I have started to see how small simple shapes and marks made in the GS can begin to suggest armour and other features. I felt I learned quite a lot about the whole sculpting "thing" while I made these

However I do feel that the time is fast approaching when I need to make some simple molds to make the majority of the miniature easier to produce. Head, torso and legs should do it, the arms and the feet can be added to finish them off. Will make my first one using a Converted. Will let you know how that goes :-)

Industrial buildings, the larger pair.

The Squid head models. A bit too similar to the Wookees for me, perhaps smoother heads for the rest.

Large gribbly beast.

Alien floor areas, just details and stones to add.


  1. The Converted look great...and I love the Squidheads!

    1. Cheers Gordon, I like them too, will definitely be making more of them in the future :-)