Monday 31 August 2015

August Challenge: Final Update

This was my original to do list for August, this being the final day I thought I would post how it all went. I do like to set myself a challenge every now and then (I think this is the third this year.)

 It helps to know the target and to see where to go and how to achieve it. Having said that things still crop up like all the In Her Majesty's Name terrain I've being working on.

15 Unity Guardsmen
5 Unity heavy weapons Guardsmen
5 Unity Marines
1 medium tank (this just needs painting)

5 Pirate Wookee skimmer riders

10 Drools with wings, name to come later
10 Horde slimes
5 Converted
5 Horde Squid heads

3 more areas of flat alien terrain like the one I have already completed
1 tall tower for the 10 mm industrial complex.
1 low square building for industrial complex. 

Here is all the new stuff I have made in August relating to my challenge:

Horde Squid Heads.


Group shots.

Terrain pieces:

I put the small one in for size comparison purposes. 


  1. and he knocks it out of the park!

  2. You've definitely been busy! Congratulations! Great looking terrain and figs...especially those Squid Heads!

  3. You know, if you ask me, those converted are on par with the 15mm not-borg sold by
    Very well done sir!
    I also love the industrial buildings, very dark future, without the done to death gothic style.

    1. Thanks Stroezie, really appreciate your comments, very kind.