Thursday 13 August 2015

August Challenge Update

Come on, be honest, how many of you thought I had completely forgotten about this?

Oh no, I've been beavering away making little bits and pieces of marines and Drools and Guardsmen and all sorts, but nearly all are not finished am afraid, but thought I would post where I was up too in the process.

All the frames were made before my holiday, and all the models that have feet now have them, and bodies too. The flying Drools are complete, just need to be painted (Drogoyles-perhaps?)

Unity Guardsmen.

Unity Marines.

Horde slimes.

One complete Slime.

Swarm fliers all complete.

Here are a few extra models I have been making alongside the main thrust of the August challenge.
 A Barbarian, just to see if fantasy 10 mm is viable. 

And a 30 mm Gyptian Warrior for Serefina's IHMN company, two more are on the go but not as advanced.


  1. Those flying drools turned out really cool.
    The barbarian looks great too, I look forward to seeing what else you come up with for fantasy.
    What are your plans? Build a Warhammer Quest travel version?

    1. Cheers for kind comments Strozie... Recon you been reading my mind :-)
      The idea of Travel Quest was one of the first things I thought of, but also I have always wanted to create my own Warmaster models, this has given me the boost to create more :-)

    2. Well, I did something similar last year for Heroquest so ... great minds and all that ;-))
      One tip, if you make the tiles out of magnetic paper and then base your models on it too they wont move around when you pick the game up or if it gets bumped.

    3. Yes, saw your impressive set of Travel Heroquest, really good. The magnetic paper sounds like an excellent idea. If I do decide to make Travel Quest I will be coming to you for advice if that's ok? :-)