Tuesday, 18 August 2015

August Challenge: Update

Here is where I am with the challenge for this month, as far as I am concerned it seems to be going well, although I have changed some of the things I want to make.

15 Unity Guardsmen
5 Unity heavy weapons Guardsmen
5 Unity Marines
1 medium tank (this just needs painting)

5 Pirate Wookee skimmer riders

10 Drools with wings, name to come later
10 Horde slimes
5 Converted
5 Horde Squid heads

3 more areas of flat alien terrain like the one I have already completed
1 tall tower for the 10 mm industrial complex
1 low square building for industrial complex.

First 5 Guards and all 5 of the Marines.

Will be painting these today.

Horde gribbly beasts!

Basic ideas for converted.