Tuesday 18 August 2015

August Challenge: Update

Here is where I am with the challenge for this month, as far as I am concerned it seems to be going well, although I have changed some of the things I want to make.

15 Unity Guardsmen
5 Unity heavy weapons Guardsmen
5 Unity Marines
1 medium tank (this just needs painting)

5 Pirate Wookee skimmer riders

10 Drools with wings, name to come later
10 Horde slimes
5 Converted
5 Horde Squid heads

3 more areas of flat alien terrain like the one I have already completed
1 tall tower for the 10 mm industrial complex
1 low square building for industrial complex.

First 5 Guards and all 5 of the Marines.

Will be painting these today.

Horde gribbly beasts!

Basic ideas for converted.


  1. That's coming along nicely, Love the scary hippo!

    1. Thanks Alexander, not sure how well the hippo will turn out yet, going for a Cthulhu look :-)

  2. You know, I wasn't to sure about those slimes but that painted one looks really cool.
    What are you using for the pirate wookee's skimmers or will you be building them yourself?
    I have been looking for some nice 6mm skimmers for a while now.

    1. I know what you mean, each time I come up with an idea am not sure it will work :-) I rarely chuck stuff, I tend to keep it then revisit later, see if I can alter it when I've had a rest from it :-)

    2. On the Wookee front I am lucky to have a large stock of old Epic miniatures that I was given and never really wanted, but I kept them. I'll post a picture later of what I did with one of them :-)