Sunday 31 August 2014

Arch Enemy Drawings

Well I might have to re-think these characters a bit, they were meant to be Serefina's arch enemies. I don't honestly think they will cause me any worries, they can be used in any campaign, with any characters, just feels a bit odd perhaps.

The character I use to narrate my short films is another character that will have to adapt as well, although not at the moment, I think he'll take some time off and come back on the scene later. In the meantime Grisbe, the Windy Wharf's barman can take over Daxioms responsibilities.

I do think that most of the NPC's that I have designed will be left out for a while, mainly because as adversaries they are just far too tough for new characters. Perhaps when have managed another half a dozen games and lived then maybe one might pop up, but not for a while.

I could create some new lower level NPC's then I could have Gabrad etc waiting in the wings. Perhaps a group of minor heroes that work for Gabrad, Hasak and Painfury. That works for me, will have to get started on those as soon as possible. See how useful this blog is to me, lets me work out my ideas and discuss, relatively, logical arguments for certain actions. Albeit all alone in my head....... worrying really.

Saturday 30 August 2014

Morning the Death of Characters

With the last game I made into a film, you may have noticed that all four characters died during the last battle. I will not spoil it any more, watch the film and you'll see how it happens.

What was interesting about how it affected me and "she who must not be named", because we were both a bit sluffoned (probably spelt wrong, and a Yorkshire ism) not exactly upset but not leaping for joy either.

We had been playing with Serefina, Crue Jazz and Bjorg for about a year I suppose and I certainly had not considered that they might die. We had grown very close to the characters but also quite able to take their continued "existence" for granted.

I have never really liked characters that went on and on, but this time I have to say that I am going to miss them. The only up side is that you can get the dice out and start again... can't wait.


Their final resting place to be decided.

Friday 29 August 2014

Unfinished Business

I have been working on a film of our latest adventures. These take me quite a while since I am technologically challenged, I only do them every now and then, so each time I make one its like starting from fresh. I only remember the basics.

Warning, this one is 15 mins long, its 2 adventures in one. Also I was being hassled by my cat Marvin, hence the odd feline reference.

So here is the link. I will put it in the films section as well.

Unfinished Business (#5)

Thursday 28 August 2014


I often read and re-read a section of the Inquisitor rule book because I find it inspiring as well as interesting and informative.

I'm talking about the section at the end of the book by Jervis Johnson. I must have read, "Running an Inquisitor Campaign", many times since I got it in 2001 or there abouts. Its all about the great things I always loved about role playing, which I began when I was 12 with a friend, Tony and his sister (we played D&D from the original, indecipherable set, which looked like they had been badly photocopied) in about 1974.

Taking his thoughts into Quest- I really love the ideas of developing NPC's: as intermediaries in adventures; as arch enemies; as ambiguous characters, that do either or neither of two above jobs.

Also the development of place- to give the real sense theat these adventures are in a solid place rather than floating in the ether of the adventure book.

Finally the notion of campaign, of linking games together to form a narrative story which draws the characters and players together and into the whole over arching story. Often after an initial game from the adventure book, subsequent games are organised by group consent, normally led by me.

To this end I often mapgie bits and pieces/ideas from an eclectic group of sources. Films, old magazines-White Dwarf, Imagine, Wargames Illustrated, older GW material (like the Inquisitor book or the Generals Compendium) The internet, with all the fabulous resources that it contains. To be honest without sites like;  the Warhammer Quest archive; Warhammer Quest Runboard; Quests of Legend; Eastern Empire; Chronicles of the Old World; the Warhammer Quest Face Book page and many more.
We would not have been able to play in the first place.

The effect of all this is to create an ethos of "Caring" (I am aware how that sounds) , the characters, the place, the plot lines, the effects of player decisions. These are the important bits of role playing that I hope seep into our games of Quest, so it becomes more than just a fantasy board game.

So I read Jervis' chapter agan last night and felt I needed to give him a nod of recongition this morning.

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Bad Cow 3

While finishing off some painting, character models and snotlings like Bogoff, I have still been working on the Dragon Ogres based on the plastic cows. Here are some more pictures of where I am with the first one, the prototype, as it were.

When I get bits of milliput left over, or I get cheesed off with modelling I add the left over bits to the structural work on the next 2 I will eventually make.

Breaking up modelling is the best way to do it for me. Little and often as they say. That way I don't get finger prints all over the work I've just done. On a good day I can get a half hour session in morn then another in the evening when the resin has set off.

Finaly a quick picture of all three DragonOgres together, as you can see,still a long way to go.

Warlord Characters up Close

After posting the Warlord stuff yesterday thought I would try to take some close ups of the models I have completed. I often find photography difficult, mainly because all my pictures are taken with my phone. Not the best camera to use, so if I produce shots that you think are poor, its mostly because of the phone.

Anyway we have:
Gorgut, Warboss of the Black Fang Tribe.

Skabnoze, the Orc Shamen.

Bogoff the Snotling.

Growler the Squig Hound.

Now all together,

Tuesday 26 August 2014

Lair of the Orc Warlord

These are my versions of the Lair of the Orc Warlord tiles, I own the book, but made all the boards from scratch and created the character models from bits I had.

Rather strangely I actually owned the model for Growler and hadn't even realised! I have no idea how long I have had it but suspect it has been for some time. Daft %$^&!

Took loads of shots of the tiles with the doors I made, some 2 years ago now, and placed the characters I have so far. Will do character close ups tomorrow.

Still to complete Bogoff, my version just needs painting, Gubbinz the Jester is half modelled but am not happy with how he is developing.

Monday 25 August 2014

Bad Cow 2

I have managed to carry on working on the first Dragon Ogre, added some fur to neck and head: built up shoulder on right, building muscle: formed shoulder armour on left: began armour around stomach area.

I also had some bits left over which I added to the second D Ogre, so as not to waste material.
Although I could have worked on the second hoof, but was worried I would leave finger prints elsewhere.

The hands are looming, an area I am not good at, do not relish getting them started, but have to be done. Will make them wrapped around the haft of the double handed weapon. Then later add to his wrists, covered over with armour on his forearms.