Friday 29 November 2019

D&D: Temple Terrain

This is the completed Temple I've been making for my son, 8 columns, 2 altars, main plinth and 4 sets of steps.

What I like about this set is the variety of set ups you can make from these few pieces of terrain.

So here are a low of photos of just a few of the set ups I have thought of.

Altar close ups.




Back to standard to finish with. I was surprised just how many variations I could get from the pieces, now to make myself a set :-)

Monday 25 November 2019

New Forests in 10 mm

After my recent solo game I realised it was time to get some 10 mm trees together for future games, so after spending £7 on 40 very nasty looking trees from Ebay, I set about making them look a bit better.

Obviously not my photograph, but I forgot to take any pre-work pictures.

First I added card bases.

Then I sculpted round the trunks of the trees with PVA and Das, creating bark effects and smearing the Das onto the base to give it some depth.

I then painted the base and trunk brown, just acrylic emulsion.

Finally I when mad with the extra flock on the trees themselves and also on the bases.

When the flock had dried for a day or two I covered it all in thinned down PVA to made sure it was securely attached.

Some GW Warmaster Orcs to give the idea of scale.

Next I set about making some forest bases to use for these trees and larger woods in games like Kings of War.

These are made from thin sheets of EVA foam sprinkled with flock from Lukes APS, building up from Dark green to Mid green to Bright green. Firstly I painted the foam with full strength PVA and after I had sprinkled I sprayed a few time with watered down PVA to hold in place. 

They were left to dry like the trees and after a day they were ready to use.

The completed woods.

Plus some miniatures for atmosphere.

Friday 22 November 2019

Flat Development: formally Known as Standees

After my bit of an experiment the other day with a few different Standees, I really hate that term, so from now on I will refer to them as "Flats", I started to think how I could use the idea to help out in any of my games, particularly D&D.

So first off I made 10 Trolls and their bases.I soon realised that I was never going to have to make these 10 bases ever again, which I liked, as in a game of D&D it was very unlikely I would ever field more than 10 such models.

Then it struck me I could use 5 models to create a KOW regiment of Trolls, just have to make a regimental base with slots and away we go. That's for another time though.

Then I needed aChuul for game last week so thought, here's an opportunity to see how well this works I'll make a Flat Chuul or 2, actually I copied the sheet 4 times, but decided 2 was enough for the game.

Larger bases for these, I have only made 5 of these for future use. Interestingly I painted the Trolls with acrylics, GW paints but the Chuul I did with cheap old water colours and were a lot quicker to complete.

Here they are getting to know Teclis, for size.

One thing led to another and I started to think how I could use the Trolls en mass so started to plan a scenario where the Trolls were cast as victims and my PCs would come to their aid and gain there friendship, which could be useful. That way I get to use all 10 Trolls plus their leader, as below. 

Flats all separated, this is another aspect of them I love, they are so easy to store. 

All of it in one simple box, great.

Here are a few WIP shots, so you can see how I made the bases.

In total I made 5 very large
5 cavalry
10 large
15 small
Which I think will do me.

Fresh from the laminator before cut.

I have in the pipeline a Bugbear, Umber Hulk and a Otyugh, should be all done next week.