Saturday 29 November 2014

Last of the Cavern Corridors

Spent a while today in garage on band saw cutting the boards for the cavern corridors, I had 13 or 14 to cut, got most of them done. New blade on the saw made a huge difference to the speed and accuracy. I have been struggling for a while now with the old blade, so this new one is a dream.

I've also taken some pictures of the caverns themselves, at the moment they are only shaped and the basic layers have been added. Still plenty of work to do on them all.

The chiefs cavern.

The Lava room

Looking forward to making this shrine room.

Friday 28 November 2014

Thorgog B'Uttrit Daemon Prince

Here is my latest NPC which I think should fit in with Hasak, Gabrad and Painfury, although I can't see him appearing for a long time. The characters have no chance of beating him at the moment, he's far too tough.

So Thorgog is the power behind the 3 amigoes that caused Serefina and Crue all the trouble in their adventures.

I was really lucky in that I was given this model, in rather poor condition, for free. So I am really pleased how it turned out. Lots of green stuff added to keep it together.

Thursday 27 November 2014

Board Repaint

A little while ago I discussed painting our portable games board with "she who must not be named"and we decided it needed to be lighter and browner like the B side, if you are old enough to remember B sides, of our wargaming board.

So it has been done and here are some shots.
First, this is how it was..

And now the trendy, teenage, New York look!

That's one for Frank.

Wednesday 26 November 2014

Last of the Quest Characters

Some even have Mohicans, (no.... no they don't)
As I suggested the other day I only had 3 more miniatures to paint before all my Quest characters were done.

Well here they are, a warrior, Elf and a Dwarf Runepriest apprentice. The latter being the one that created the most problems. Lots of beard had to be added, I made the rune staff from a dwarf standard bearer with bits added from left overs. Lots of runes, although the 2 on the actual Priest I made from green stuff.

Its obvious where the elf and warrior come from but the Dwarf is very old, 80's I think, the 50 piece box set GW used to sell. It contained 10 each of, Dark elves, dwarfs, orcs, goblins and wood elves. 50 models for £9.99, imagine!!!!

Tuesday 25 November 2014

Settlement Maps By TPJ

Over on the Warhammer Quest Fanpage on Facebook, Littlemonk and a company in SpainTPJ have teamed up to produce these excellent Settlement Maps which are used between adventures. I couldn't resist buying them and they arrived yesterday.

They are fantastic quality, printed onto high quality rubber sheet, so they can be twisted and bent, but never crease.
You can get them from:

I bought the complete set through ebay, but you can also get them via the printer direct. These images are from their site.
They are just too good to miss.

The company also do a whole variety of other boards/maps which are dead interesting and have a range of uses.

Monday 24 November 2014

New Quest Characters

I have been producing Quest characters for quite some time now, a few months back I posted all the characters I had made up to that point, well I am very close to finishing all the models that I had ear marked to be used.

Recently I realised that I only had 7 more miniatures to paint and then all would be done, so here are the first 4 of them.

The last three need to be customised, then painted and that will be the lot. No more character models! Don't hold your breath.

Sunday 23 November 2014

Necrozone: Next?

Play Testing:
I have been giving some thought to how I should proceed from here. Now that I have all the boards and probably most of the models I will be using initially at least.

A: will use the dungeon cards from Quest as stand in's for the ones I will eventually make.

B: will also take the event deck and use that from Quest too, but add slips of paper to show which aliens are encountered.

C: will create two characters to play with at first, making them up as I see fit and erring on the cautious side, as regard stats and abilities.

D: only use the more basic Tyranid creatures for my first adventures, Termagants, Hormagaunts, Ripper Swarms and perhaps a Genesteealer or two and a few basic traps or pit fall type situations.

E: decide how I am going to use the dungeon deck; will I use it to set out the whole Hulk or will it be revealed like it is in quest to suggest the fog of war, it maybe that different scenarios require different procedures, which is not a problem. A simple dice roll could determine before the game begins.

F: ranged weapons I will use just as they are in Necromunda, although it does mean I will need to make doors or door markers. Can't have a PC shooting down the entire length of a hulk.

Saturday 22 November 2014

High Elf Mage

I spent a little time painting the last, but one, mage for my high elves. This is one cobbled together from various high elf bits, but mainly it was made to try to use up the knealing legs from the plastic archer set I love so much/note sarcasm.

Yep, not my favourite pose but there you go.
Here are some photos.

I have to say, what a fantastic comb over this model has, Rab C Nesbit eat your heart out.

Friday 21 November 2014

Come Together Right Now...

This is a photo shoot of all the bits I have put together in the last while. I want to be able to use the space hulk type walls and the Deadzone terrain with the models I have painted so far. I will not be coming back to this for a while as I have loads of Quest stuff I need to work on.

Next, but not for a while, I'll be making cards to control the layout of the corridors and cards for the encounters. 

May well make some 1" square pillars to fill in when gaps appear, all wires and consoles.

Overhead shot.

And then Millie, the stage 4 appeared!!!!!