Tuesday 30 June 2015

The Black Hat Emporium: Plans

In our next game of Quest, about to be played any day now, the adventurers have to break into the Black Hat Emporium in an attempt to retrieve the Casket that they had stolen during their bit of fun in the Windy Wharf Inn.

The owners of the Black Hat are a tight knit family, the Dours.
Malo Dour a well known Chaos Dwarf in Jaccio City and his two sons, Bak and Oa, have long bought and sold goods and items both legally and a little less so.

I've realised recently that it would be a lot easier to keep control of my special locations if I made drawings of them so that I can reproduce the models and how they should be set up. Here's a quick drawing from one of my sketch books.

I may also have to map the tunnels that exist beneath the shop, since they may well feature in further games. Luckily I will photograph these tunnels so that I have a record of what they look like.

Monday 29 June 2015

Dark Elves V Skaven WFB Report

Played at Micks place last night, 2000 pts of Dark Elves against Skaven. As you will see a very difficult game for the Dark Elves and a very well fought game by Mick with his Skaven.

I played with the same list almost as last time:
Serefina, level 4 sorceress
with the Sacrificial Dagger,
Ironcurse Icon (which I forgot)
Talisman of Preservation
Master BSB
Enchanted Shield
30 Dread Spears
21 Executioners
21 Black Guard
2 Repeater Bolt Throwers
Cold one Chariot
2 x 5 Dark Riders
5 Warlocks 

Skaven List (Approx)
Grey Seer
Cheiftain BSB
Warlord (possibly)
2 x 20 slaves
2 x 30 Clanrats
A Warpfire Thrower
Hellpit Abomination
8 poison Wind Globadiers
Warp Lightening Cannon
40 Plague Monks with a Plague Priest and Plague Furnace

Deployment, after the warlocks and Dark Riders had vanguard moved. The rest of the dark elves moved forward, the Warlocks and Riders on the Left tried to avoid the Hellpit, failed to cast magic at it or shoot it. The bolt thrower on the left also fired and hit the Hellpit but failed to wound.
The bolt thrower on the right killed  couple of globadiers.

The Dark Riders on the right Flank got too close to the Globadiers and were wiped out.

The Skaven moved forward and I thought that the Hellpit was in line to run into the Executioners, which suited me as they had the banner of Eternal Flame.

The right hand bolt thrower shot 2 of the Globadiers. 

My Warlocks and Riders crept round the rear of the Skaven army.

Not carefully enough really as the Hellpit turned round and charged them, passing its dangerous terrain test. Oops!

The last Globadier killed himself as Mick predicted he would.

Feeling some what like I had no real choice in the matter I charged into the Plague Monks, hoping to kill a load and avoid the effects of the charging furnace.
The Dreadspears charged the unit of Slaves hoping to kill enough to follow up, I know I don't play games enough to remember Slaves just run in all directions, Doh!
Also you'll notice that the Dreadspears are some what depleted, that's because the Grey Seer had chain lightening'd them, then the Warp Lightening Cannon had hit them killing 13 in total.
Also the Cold one Chariot is missing because the Warp L cannon clipped it after it hit the Dreadspears.  

Didn't think the Hellpit would turn and attack the Warlocks but it did, killing 2 first turn for 1 wound in return. The Warlocks passed their leadership.

In the centre my turn went from bad to worse, the Slaves lost combat and scattered doing a few wounds to everyone, but I was left stranded in the middle with the Dreadspears.
I managed to cast Doom and Despair to restrict the leadership of the Skaven, but when you manage to kill all the Black Guard in the turn they charge, its not generally a problem.

The hole that was, the Black Guard!

This was in my turn, the Monks turn to face the Dreadspears, their quarry for their next turn.
Over on the left the Hellpit was taking its time to kill the Warlocks, while the second Slave unit, also on the left, fled due to shooting and magic.

We all waited in anticipation for the horror that was to come.

By my calculations Mick would have charged all his units into combat but it was not to be. The Monks would be more than a match for the Deadspears and my Executioners were subjected to THE DREADED THIRTEENTH, they were all, to an elf, turned into Clan Rats.

With the Hellpit finishing the Warlocks, which actually turned out to be a pretty good use for them really, (especially if I could have run the Executioners in as well!)

And the Dreadspears, being well and truly munched through by the Furnace and Monks...

Signified the end of the game.

Skaven Win
Congrats to Mick on a very tidy, well played game.

What did I learn:
I should have deployed over to one flank to make either his Hellpit have to come a long way round or the Monks do likewise.
I should have concentrated my magic and shooting on the Monks and totally ignored the Slaves.
I should have been more careful when moving forward in vanguard so that I could have got to the Warp L Cannon.
I should have remembered that Hellpits can charge in any direction!!!!

A lot of "Should Haves". 
Hope this is generally right, if not please let me know Mick and thanks for the game.

Thursday 25 June 2015

ClashOTF: Buildings

Quick update to show what I have been doing, Slathers are coming along, at same time I have put together these basic buildings.
Want to use them in my next game, but still have a way to go.

They are 3" by 1  1/2" high, made from bits (mainly card and foam board, match sticks and rubber matting, lolly sticks), got the idea from Tiny Solitary Soldiers, very good site.

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Syracuse Empire Spearmen

Following on from the Flagellants I posted the other day, here are my Greek spearmen, again from the Foundry.These have been through several incarnations but will not be changing from now on. They have all been newly based,which had to be hand cut from 3 mm Foamex. I now have a blunt Stanley knife.

Tuesday 23 June 2015

ClashOTF: Swarm, Lesser Nasties

I think I mentioned a few posts back that I was playing about with some Lesser Nasty Swarm models to give me a variety of miniatures to play with, well these are the first five completed.

Made from a single L shaped piece of wire as a frame these are quite a bit smaller than the original Swarm creatures I made. I will have to come up with some names for these things so that they are easier to refer to in games.

I am reading Lord Fouls Bane by Donald Stephenson at the moment, in it there is a character called "Drool", seems like a good name to me for the larger creatures, perhaps the lesser ones could be "Slathers"????

That not withstanding, here are some pictures of the what I may be calling Drools and Slathers from now on :-)

With the original "Drools" for size comparison.


Monday 22 June 2015

Bobbin Barrels

Was in the Range at the weekend and found this packet of wooden bobbins for £2.50 and couldn't stop myself from buying them. I don't often buy stuff like this I tend to look at them, um and er a bit, decide to carry them round the shop for half an hour, come to the decision I can make them myself and eventually put them back on the shelf. Well not this time, hell no!

Anything I can use in games of Quest to bring them to life a bit more, has to be a good thing.

It occured to me, after I had uploaded these pictures, that I had set out the Black Hat Emporium differently than last time, so I have decided to made a few drawings so that this kind of slap dash attitude toward fantasy gaming is not permitted to continue. I am disgusted with myself and can only apologise profusely :-)