Thursday 31 March 2016

Frostgrave Board

Since deciding we are going to play Frostgrave I have had this nagging inclination to create a new board to play on. In the garage is a ton of spar wood, especially 2 sheets of 4' by 2' chipboard which have Frostgrave almost carved into them!

So here are some shots of the early stages of the board. Before I started adding things to it I mixed up some PVA and water with a drop of washing up liquid in it and painted the whole surface.

Then I referred to my sketch book form a while back and looked at some drawings I made for a Mordheim board. These were the basis for my new Frostgrave board.

When it had dried I marked out a 3' by 3' section in the middle, this would be the gaming area.

Next I draw onto the board where I was going to add details to create a crumbling city feel: to do this I looked back in my sketch book to my Frostgrave board designs. They actually did help, by giving me a starting point.

Then I spent an evening cutting some very thick card into the shapes I wanted to detail the board with. ( it had previously been a kids jigsaw) This killed my fingers and gave me blisters!

The next stage is to use the grout I found left over from when I tiled the bathroom to create a textured surface, using a sponge and a plastic bag to make small stipples.

Need to paint the card areas black, then lighter shades of grey.

Took this pictures this morning, but to my surprise the grout had not dried.
Will leave it, which actually works fine since it is Serefina's birthday today :-)

Seems to be working OK, the buildings will stand up and so will individual models, like my apprentice Enchanter, Dene Lopit. Will check walls later.

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