Monday 26 September 2022

Orc Army Redesign: 3mm


I did say I had remodeled the Orcs, so here they are,

Fingers to give idea of scale.

Rear view of a regiment of Ax for mini Kings of War.

Top and front views of same unit.

Krudger leader on a Gore and his Pal Eye-gouger the Giant.

Troop of skulks on gores.

Below are long Ax, Moreax, and Greatax regiments, all constructed by same method and painted the best my eyes would allow :-)

Didn't really mean to make the Longax regiment, but was my first experiment to see if my ideas were possible, so they have to remain in the army as they were the first recruits to the horde. 

Side view of the Ax regiments.

Completed 1200 pts ready to play in a solo campaign, when I get my finger out...

I much prefer these to the "boxy" units I produced earlier this year.
Elves will be on their way shortly