Saturday 7 August 2021

Stargrave: Loot Tokens


These are 6 Loot Tokens I have just recently made for playing Stargrave with,

Very simple to make, a base from card with half a wooden Jenga block stuck on top.
Then some weapon parts from my bits box and some cereal card to make the crates look more...cratey.

Data Loot tokens I made to look roughly like a consul of some kind, just used very small bits of cereal card painted appropriately.

A quick drybrush all over to give them a slightly worn look and some wash to bring out the details, finished with a bit of varnish.

Could easily use these in 5Parsecs as well. 

Seems that I am not really getting my finger out when it comes to actually playing a game of either Stargrave or 5Parsecs at moment, its because real life has opened its ugly maw and swallowed me whole. Work and elderly parents are really taking up my time and they have to be the priority, however I will get to it eventually.
Cheers for looking in.