Tuesday 31 July 2018

D&D 5e: Holst's Wagon Update

Last week in a game of D&D I've been running we had to play a game without a piece of key terrain, basically a wagon.
I posted the initially buildy bits a few days ago and now, since it's complete I thought I would post the modelled and painted miniature. I didn't add a horse in the end mainly because the characters had to move it themselves the last 15 miles as the horse was eaten by wolves, poor thing.

The wagon is one of three owned by Gondo Holst a trader in my campaign, in it were many important items heading for the large town of Bocgnan, so it had to be hauled all the way. Just to put you out of your misery, the PCs managed to arrive in Bocgnan safely, although Yeti's were involved.

Sunday 29 July 2018

Terrain Board

I have been working on a second 2ft square board to go with the first I made some while ago and this is a bit of a record of where I am with it now.

I had already glued all the card pieces to represent the cobbles earlier in the year, but had then completely lost steam and shelved the project.

Adding loads of rubble, plaster bits, gravel and then sand.

I coated it all in 2 layers of thinned down PVA, would spray if was at Luke's but I don't have the luxury at home, took my time and painted it carefully.

Picking out particular stones with PVA that might pull off.

Base colours, grey and brown, these are match pots rubbish that do the job, never use expensive paint for terrain, it eats it.

One thing I did differently this time to the first board was coating the cobbles with a thinned down PVAcrete mix to try get into the sides of the cat food box card and make it easier to paint later. It worked well and gave the cobbles a bit of texture, which I liked.

Will have finished painting in next few days hopefully and then seal with glue and will post fiished piece.

Below are the stage before pics when it was undercoated in black, order up the spout sorry.

Friday 27 July 2018

KOW: Goblin Army Storage Box

I was in B&Q the other day getting some filler, to fix a window not modelling related unfortunately, anyway I found this container for £9 and decided to give it a go, may get others but not sure yet. 

Seemed to me that it would be useful for storage but also for carting to the WWarriors GC when I get down there.

 I can fit 2000 + pts in for Kings of War. What's in at the moment is 2000 pts and there is one tray pretty much empty.

I'm glad I've got them in this box because since painted they have been in a card tray which is very flimsy and easy prey for our cats.

I also remembered I had a strap left by the kind AO people when they installed our cooker, and thought it might work well, it did luckily.

I would need another bag for dice and books and the like but that's it.

Wednesday 25 July 2018

Five Parsecs: Timtuc6 Gets a Facelift

After a bit of consideration and some helpful constructive criticism I decided that a re-working of Timtuc6's head might be in order and as I had mentioned, I fancied doing it similar to Mongrel's from the ABC Warriors of 2000AD fame, my all time favourite comic. I bought it avidly in the late 70's and early 80's when I was at college. 

Very difficult to get close and in focus, but I tried my best.

Not convinced by the dangling wire from his chin, was supposed to be chain link, but its most definitely NOT.

The chain looks a bit better here, but not much.

Monday 23 July 2018

Mighty Empires: Mountain Tile

One of the tiles I got second hand off Ebay was from the 40K version of Mighty Empires and so was of no use to me what so ever. Decided that I could convert it to a larger mountain range tile with some GS, so that is what I have done.

Didn't take long, was a bit fiddly but now I will have a usable tile to go with the rest.

Will post again when painted up with the rest, not sure when that will be.