Sunday 31 March 2019

Terrain:Tents and Shanty Buildings

For a long time now, for various games, I have wanted to create some tents and sort of shanty buildings. Mainly to use in Saga, D&D, Kings of War etc, the uses are many.

So I started putting together just that, the impetous being that I had a D&D game coming up where the PC's would be infiltrating a goblin encampment. 

I have no money, so all these were made from items I already had knocking about the house or specifically in my box of modeling components. In other words stuff I have horded over many years.

These tents are constructed from, cereal box card, cat food box card, tooth picks, sand, wood glue   and wound dressing material.

The shanty buildings, I imagine the goblins using these as they are more haphazard than the tents, have a few extra materials thrown in: namely matchsticks, skewers and coffee stirrers. 

Back to the tents and the wound dressing material has been added. I didn't try to get a really even look here as I wanted them to look worn and a bit rough. I tore a bit off, well cut actually, and pasted it on with PVA and a brush. Just like you would apply papier mache, it created some nice lumps and folds, just what I wanted.

If you look closely you can see pegs to hold the tent in place, these I made from toothpicks and glued in place with superglue sprinkled with Bi-carb to solidify. Word of warning, if you do this work in a well ventilated area, its how Luke burnt his face that time.

Painting next, looking forward getting these finished and played with.

Friday 29 March 2019

D&D: Outsiders Warehouse Base, Luskan

This is a drawing I recently made for our D&D group, its a map of the Warehouse base in Luskan. Often the starting place for many of the Outsider adventures. Its split over three floors, the upper floor being the outside tower top.
The boards below are the way I designed the warehouse, then I made the plan above based on the model. At some point in the future we may have to use it in a scenario.

The ground floor.

The compound isn't shown on the model version or the covered stables. Something for me to make in the future.

The First Floor.

The Second Floor.

Close ups of the first and second floors.

Complete first and second floor.

Wednesday 27 March 2019

D&D: Challenge Update 7

Next instalment of  models painted for my son, Reaper barbarian, looking very yellow in this light, an undisclosed mini from Ebay and a Tiefling Warlock from WotWC.

The poor Tiefling didn't do so well in the cat attack, losing one of her horns, but to be honest nothing could help her as Wizards forgot to give her any features to her face. The Howard Moon of the D&D world if you like :-)

I think the painting reflects how little I liked the Tiefling, looking at it now the bases misses the mark and she appears to be turned away in disgust. The fella with the huge hammer I like :-)

Saturday 23 March 2019

Ice/Rock Crystal Formations

About a month ago I showed a few of these ice crystals that I had made from cork. No not the best thing to make very clean cut crystal formations from, but I had a shed load of wine corks and they needed using, so I had a go anyway.

I finally got them all painted up and I don't think they came out too bad to be honest, perhaps not ice crystals but they might pass for crystaline rock formations. With a vaguely cold feel to them.

They cost me absolutely nothing but some time to make and I will definitely use them in my games, from Frostgrave to D&D to Five Parsecs.

I also became aware that I often make small pieces of terrain like these in groups of eight. Heavens knows why but it seems I do. There will be further evidence of this in the next week or so.