Monday 28 June 2021

Ruined Buildings Final Post


This is a collection of shots of the three pieces of ruined building terrain I have been making this last month on and off. Not going to explain how they were made as I've already done that here.
Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Wednesday 16 June 2021

Five Parsecs from Home: Creating the Crew


I have my copy of Five Parsecs from Home, going to be using this a lot today, a rough pad of paper for recording scores and details before they get transfered to the proper sheets. Although I wont be using the provided ones in the book, bit too small and light for me to see at my age. Will be using something of my own for that. Finally I will be using, possibly surprisingly, Xanathars Guide to Everything a D&D 5e resource book, its great for names. 

I am starting from models I have (and are painted) to create my crew so they will not all be human and I will not be rolling on the species tables I just picked them.

I am not going to go through the process point by point, get the rules yourself and you will see how straight forward it is.

I like to jot down all the crew creation bits on a notepad and gather all the info together before I write them up on appropriate sheets. Then I can switch items about and spend some time getting into the characters before definitely putting them into the crew. Having said that I love random generation of characters so have never declined to paly with any I have rolled.

My new crew will be as you see here , they were a pleasure to roll out and discover being very simple to do. Most of the process was exactly the same as it was before with only a few alterations, but very well set out and very well organised. Brilliant design- nice one Ivan.

Nofret Ndidi the Leader (Human)

Arturo Chimola (Human)

Maiathah Firahel (Precursor)

Therai Death (Feral)

Thar (Hukler)

I also sort out the ship they will use and am in the process of building a model, which isn't necessary but should be fun.
The ship is a worn freighter on which the crew owe 22 credits and is called Dagnal-116M

The whole process took just over an hour and was fun throughout.
Next I will be sharing the crew sheets I use and explaining where their adventures will take place. 

Sunday 13 June 2021

Five Parsecs from Home Third Edition: Ivan Sorensen

I have been very excited, got my copy of Five Parsecs from Home by Ivan Sorensen and Modiphius Entertainment.
 They have put together a very well set out clear edition of Ivan's fun solo game. Obviously I've been playing 5 Parsecs since about March 2015 (I think) and this copy has lots of extra material I have not seen before, but is also so well set out. Very professional, Ivan must be really pleased with it, I would be.

I will be using it alongside my copy of "Every Star an Opportunity" which helps create worlds for 5Parsecs and I look forward to playing some campaign games with a new crew.

This will be my third crew to date, the other two still knock about in the Crux Hagal subsector, where my games are set, so there is a chance heir paths may cross.

However I do intend setting my new campaign in a part of the sector I've not played in before, so it might take a while. Also, although the crew are currently depicted in 30mm in this post I am not totally sure that I will be playing in that scale. The last Campaign a few years back was in 10mm and I really enjoyed playing that small. If I do plump for 10mm I will have to try to recreate this lot in miniature, which could be a problem.....but fun to attempt :-)

Game reports will follow after I introduce the subsector and the crew.