Sunday 31 May 2015

Dark Elf Army: 2000 pts

This is the Dark Elf army I used in the last game me and Mick played. Its on a board I made a couple of years back when I was doing a few tournaments and wanted to display the army and didn't want to pack the figures away after each game.

Its a hardboard base covered with a couple of layers of foam board, then decorated with sand, stones and card, quite like making a larger Quest board really.

ClashOTF: Unity Guard

Here are the last of, what I'm calling Unity Guard, all painted up. I realised when I looked back on the models I had made so far that their bases were very similar and that it might prove difficult to tell who was who.

So I have painted this group up and altered the base colour to help distinguish them.

I think that in the end I'd like to have another 15 or so to make 4 units but its the time it takes to make them.

Saturday 30 May 2015

Dark Elves V Lizardmen WFB Report

This will be our second game this year, quite a turn up for the books, two games in three weeks!
Now this is Micks first game with the revised Lizardman book and only my second with the Dark Elves.

Here is Mick's Lizardmen army, again this is an approximation of his list as I don't study them.

10 skinks with Javelins
20 Saurus f/c
20 Temple Guard with Slann Mage L4
Ancient Stegadon with Skink Shamen L1 or 2
20 Skinks with 3 Kroxigor
10 Skinks with blow pipes
3 Skink terradons with rocks

The Dark Elves consisted of
Supreme sorceress
Master Battlestandard
29 Dreadspears f/c
20 Black Guard f/c
20 Executioners f/c
10 Darkshards
5 Warlocks
5 Dark Riders
2 Repeaters
Cold one Chariot

The two armies face off against each other.

Although Mick won the first turn, he passed it over to me. So I moved up nearly all my army.

In Mick's turn he immediately saw the opportunity to outflank the Dark Riders and Darkshards.

At the other end of the table The Stegadon and the Skinks moved forward aggressively.

The centre of the Lizardmen lines remain stationary.

The centre of the Dark elves shift forward, the chariot, Executioners and Dreadspears stick together.
The master is with the Executioners and the Sorceress is with the Dreadspears.

My Warlocks get close enough to cast a spell, which they fail by 1 and then feel the cold revenge of Skink blowpipes!

Only one remained.

The repeater on the right shoots and wounds the Ancient Stegadon twice.

After 30 shots I cause 3 wounds to the Terradon unit.

I keep the three main units together but the chariot turns to face the threat of the Stegadon on the right flank.

The lone Warlock drops out of the game.

The core of my army slog on. The Ancient Stegadon is hit again killing the Skink Shamen.

The Terradons drop rocks on the Dark Riders and kill them all.

Mick's magic kills two Black Guard. The Slann and Serefina magically dual, the Slann wins by 4 but Serefina ward saves 3 wounds.

The far right Stegadon decides to charge the Chariot, rolls a ....3 oops.

The chariot realises its time to declare a charge... rolls a ,,,,,3

Despite a load more shots the Terradons eye their next victims.

Finally the Stegadon makes it into combat, now we'll see what it can do!

At this point it felt like the game was over for me. My magic phase had gone through an epic fail and now the Lizardmen took full of advantage of the situation.

Ancient Stegadon and Saurus warriors into the Executioners. Not good.

Temple Guard and Skink/kroxigor unit into the Black Guard. Oh dear.

The chariot held the Stegadon charge, but failed to do much in return.

The Executioners break from combat but just keep ahead of the Saurus warriors, the Ancient Stegadon holding.

Although the Black Guard were quite nicely mauled they actually won the combat, mainly by killing skinks.

In the Dark Elf turn the Dreadspears join the fray, Serefina casting Okkams and Enfeebling Foe. I think it was at this point she managed to survive a miscast.

At this moment in occured to me that I was still in this game and it was possible to win it. although the champion of the Black Guard failed to chase the Skinks/Kroxigor down.

The executioners rally and are charged again by the Saurus warriors, while the chariot and the Stegadon keep at it with the feather dusters. 

The Dreadspears do not look in a good position.

The Black Guard champion is shot to death by the skinks in the building.

Chariot dealt with, the Stegadon rounds on the last three Executioners, accompanied by the Terradons.

What you can't see is the repeater shooting the last wound off the Stegadon. 

With the help of Okkams, the Dreadspears remove the last wound from the Ancient Stegadon and the Slann mage. 

Only the Master survives, but all the saurus are dead.

At this point the Mick called the game, it was the last turn .

Dark Elf Victory

It was a very bloody affair and I had really not thought It was possible to win. However loads of fun was had, as well as some home made ginger biscuits. 
All's well that ends well. (Unless your'e a Lizard of course.)


That I might be better off with 2 units of Dark Riders, if I can work out how to use them.
That perhaps I should trust the repeaters to deal with larger creatures more often.
That while magic can be a pain, it would seem it is a necessary pain, one which I must embrace.

Thanks to Mick for a great game, look forward to the next.