Tuesday 11 October 2022

High Elf Remodel: 3 mm


After making the Orcs and feeling flush with success, however false it may have been, I decided to make a 600 point High Elf force.

A regiment of spears top right, a regiment of Palace guard, top left,
two troops of archers and an elf Lord on foot,

Constructed in s very similar way to the orcs but with minor alterations and major colour changes.

Again I was pleased with how they came out, they looked quite Elfy... 

My next project will be 600 points of Dwarfs, and a how too guide to making your own 3mm miniatures,

Thanks for dropping by.

Monday 26 September 2022

Orc Army Redesign: 3mm


I did say I had remodeled the Orcs, so here they are,

Fingers to give idea of scale.

Rear view of a regiment of Ax for mini Kings of War.

Top and front views of same unit.

Krudger leader on a Gore and his Pal Eye-gouger the Giant.

Troop of skulks on gores.

Below are long Ax, Moreax, and Greatax regiments, all constructed by same method and painted the best my eyes would allow :-)

Didn't really mean to make the Longax regiment, but was my first experiment to see if my ideas were possible, so they have to remain in the army as they were the first recruits to the horde. 

Side view of the Ax regiments.

Completed 1200 pts ready to play in a solo campaign, when I get my finger out...

I much prefer these to the "boxy" units I produced earlier this year.
Elves will be on their way shortly

Saturday 13 August 2022

Elf Army in 3 mm


Following on from my last post, bet you never expected another post this month, here are the Elf 3mm models I made to play with while away. Made in exactly the same way as all the previous stands, perhaps slightly better drawn as I was getting into the swing of things by this time.

The points value, for Kings of War, are 2930 pts.
Consisting of:
Tydarion Dragonlord
Archmage x2
Army Standard Bearer
Dragon Breath warmachines x2
Kindred Spears Horde
Kindred Archers Regiment x2
Palace Guard Horde
Stormwind Cavalry Regiment x3
Silverbreeze Cavalry Troop x3
Drakon Riders Horde

I did enjoy making the Archmages, just because at this scale they were essentially silly.

While the drawings are generally better, they began to annoy me and I felt I could do better. Now that I am home and have access to tools etc I started to think and plan.

Next post will be how I changed my approach but in the meantime I've stuck a little taster idea below that I played about with.

Thursday 4 August 2022

Orc Army in 2/3 mm

While I was away, I am now home, I built this 2/3 mm army having been inspired to do so by various You tube Vloggers. I had limited resources and space, hence the small nature of the army.

I ended up with:
Krudger on a winged Slasher
Godspeakers x2
Wardrums x2
Regiment of Morax x2
Horde of Ax
Regiment of Greatax x 2
Regiment of Gore Riders x2
Troop of Outriders x2
Horde of Trolls x2
Horde of Gore Chariots

For a grand total of 2975 points

They are OK, I could play with them and did several times while away.

However when I had been home a while and looked at them I decided I could do better.

So that is what I intend to do, although first I will post some pictures of the Elves I created to play against.

They were a good way to test what was possible and led to further experimentation.