Wednesday 29 June 2016

Terrain Board: Construction complete

Completed the final herring bone sections of walkway last night and added some small sand/stone areas and now waiting to undercoat in black, then grey, but unfortunately I don't seem to be able to locate my paint, its been lost in translation. But as soon as I find it I will get on with the painting, obviously.

Interesting as a piece of art and hopefully when painted a useful gaming board.

Tuesday 28 June 2016

Castle: Simba Superplay Castle

Simba S 43554141 Building Set

Just ordered this from Debenhams cost me £14 plus £3.99 P&P, will be here Friday. Have seen some fantastic conversions of this model and look forward to adding it to my hand built castle model.

I love Serefina, she just said I should have bought two, what a treasure. 

Will do an unboxing and see what you think, it should be a great starting point for extending my castle. 

Sunday 26 June 2016

Necromunda: Goliaths

About 2 years ago I managed to pick up some Goliaths on ebay and put some of them together, but recently have thought about finishing the whole gang. Then I noticed another 8 plastic models that would finish of the Goliaths and give me lots of possibilities.

The original 5 Goliaths.

This sguig was in my bits box when I was rescuing the others and I thought I might add some flavour.

My initial leader model, think he needs more umph.

The biggest problem is creating a gang leader that looks different enough form the rest to stand out, so I need to raid my bits box and have a play with some blu tac.

Here are what I have at the moment and some ideas of where I hope to get the group to in the next week or so. Still don't have a huge amount of time to model, the house has top priority :-)

Friday 24 June 2016

Terrain Board: Development

So here we have where I am so far with the city terrain board, despite the fact that Marvin, a cat, managed to knock over a whole glass of wine onto it.

Marvin, just visible on the left.

Found the centre quite fiddly.

Inspiration came from: The cobblestone City design from Kraken (4 by 4)

Tuesday 21 June 2016

Terrain Board: 2 ft square City Setting

I didn't get over to the club last night, and had posted the pictures of my Dwarfs and was thinking about the 2' board I had in front of me.

Looked around and saw the only abundant card source I had was the card from the cat food boxes which we have loads of, 6 cats!!!!!

I checked some terrain boards on the net and made a few drawings straight onto the board, not like me, and decided last night to get sticking straight away.

If this one works I have 4 boards in total so I will be doing them all, especially since they won't take up any extra space in the house. Serefina will be pleased :-)

The original side of the chipboard with an old GW flock sheet glued to it. I might add a few stone features to this side too, then I could mix and match the sides.

These boards are not for big game play, but I like the idea of using them for small games, Mordheim, Frostgrave, Dragon Rampant which I might play with Serefina. Will updat as this board progresses.

Monday 20 June 2016

KOW: 2000 pt Dwarf Army with Cards

Here is my Dwarf 2000 point army along with the army cards I made.

Actually there is one unit missing, the Flamebelcher, but since I now have rules for the Skysteamer I feel less inclined to use the later as the former.

So I need to make a Flamebelcher.

Sunday 19 June 2016

KOW: Dwarf Army cards

As you may have noticed I have a love of cards, whether its for Warhammer Quest, the original, or Kings of War or Frostgrave I have been making cards for some time now . These I have been playing with for a little while, but not really finished them, so here they are now in all their glory, so to speak.

Magical Artefacts I made half size so that they can be tucked inside the Dragon Shields and keep the units and their item together, also so I can reuse items between armies without any extra work.

The artefact and unit cards together.

These are the cards I used in the last game I played against Luke over at WWarriors, only properly finished. Well I say properly but I do feel they could do with a bit more shading but I have a ceiling to fix so I need to get back to that.

Thursday 16 June 2016

KOW: Dwarfs V Undead 2000 Pts


Was out for a night of fun and frolics over at the WWarriors Club and got to play against Luke and his new Undead army. We played the dominate scenario, you can just make out the green marker in the middle of the table. We had to get more solid units within 12" of the marker than our foe. Characters got half their points value.

They looked smashing all ranked up and ready to die again :-)

The centre pieces were two fantastic Terrorgheist models used as vampires on undead dragons. 
Very nasty, hitting on 3+ and having 10 attacks, one had regen and the other def 6.
These would be hard to kill!

Luke's Undead Horde

Vampire on an Undead Dragon, regen
Vampire on an Undead Dragon, def 6
vampire lord on a horse
vampire lord on a horse
vampire lord on a horse
2 regiments of skeletons
2 hordes of zombies
1 regiment of ghouls

And my chubby dwarf army.

The Dwarfs

Horde of Ironwatch crossbows, brew of keen eyeness
Regiment of brock riders, blade of slashing
2 regiments of rangers
Horde of ironclad, brew of strength
1 flame belcher
2 organ guns 
1 cannon
steel behemoth
stone priest with bane chant (2)
Army standard
Berserker Lord, wings of honey maze 

Hand made steel behemoth and Flame belcher, last time it will be played as such.

Central to the dwarf list was a horde of ironwatch crossbows with the brew of keen eyeness,
makes them hit on a 4+ and piercing 1, piercing 2 if I can get bane chant off.

Berserker lord with wings of the honeymaze, he he.

First turn went to the dwarfs and I moved forward the rangers via vanguard and then shot at the horde of zombies.
On the right flank the berserker brock riders and the lord trogged up to get round the back.

Didn't realise I had left myself open to the Vampire astride his horse.
 I was somewhat thrown by the fact that my shooting had taken out the first vampire on its dragon. Luke was not too happy either. 

On the left the rangers managed to attack the zombies and did in total, 13 wounds, added to the 6 wounds from shooting making a grand total of 19. The zombies routed on 23, so what did roll, snake eyes!!!!! The zombies got to fight on and the dragon got to attack the flank of the ranger unit closer to it, they were to die horribly. 

Chew chew chew.

Two vampires charged the behemoth, oh dear, 16 attacks hitting on 3+.
But the moth survived!

Albeit wavered.

On the right the vampire failed to rout the brocks.

While in the centre the rangers left over did another 6 wounds to the zombies, now the total was 25, so what did I roll for nerve...... snake eyes!!!!

Yes snake eyes again!

My centre gets the other horde of zombies in its sites, although it will be minus the 2 organ guns, the vampires were chewing on them.

In the last combat the brocks did 6 wounds to the vampire, so he avoided them again and attacked the berserker lord

The moth ploughs into the regiment of skeletons, and only managed 4 wounds.

The ghouls advanced on the brocks. You will notice the Zombie horde is gone, shot to ribbons. 

The vampire dragon quickly hid behind the forest, fearing for its life.
While the rangers finally did another 5 wounds taking the total to 30 wounds, this time they routed. 

However in their weakened state the rangers were easy meat for the skeletons.

In the middle the ironclad routed one vampire while the cannon and the ironwatch crossbows turned turned to face the menace of the dragon.

However the ironclad were not able to get out of his way and were charged in the side, 20 attacks on 3+, but they managed to survive, just.

The brocks routed the ghouls and claimed the centre of the table.

The dwarfs turned to face the vampire astride his dragon.

The final shot, the ironclad counter charged the dragon wounding it and stopping it from contesting the central  objective, and at that point, end of turn 5 Luke conceded the game as he had no units close to the 12" central objective.
The Dwarfs had won!