Sunday, 26 June 2016

Necromunda: Goliaths

About 2 years ago I managed to pick up some Goliaths on ebay and put some of them together, but recently have thought about finishing the whole gang. Then I noticed another 8 plastic models that would finish of the Goliaths and give me lots of possibilities.

The original 5 Goliaths.

This sguig was in my bits box when I was rescuing the others and I thought I might add some flavour.

My initial leader model, think he needs more umph.

The biggest problem is creating a gang leader that looks different enough form the rest to stand out, so I need to raid my bits box and have a play with some blu tac.

Here are what I have at the moment and some ideas of where I hope to get the group to in the next week or so. Still don't have a huge amount of time to model, the house has top priority :-)

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