Friday 31 October 2014

Lotoon Blossem: His Divine Holiness, Mayor of Jaccio

The Mayor of Jaccio

Lotoon Blossem: His Divine Holiness, is the rather enigmatic Mayor of Jaccio. He appears to be a very jolly character and to a certain extent it is true, he is. However, because of his continual dealings with the forces of destruction he has become somewhat cynical.

He tries to be positive with the people of Jaccio but often descends into negativity, he has spent so much time involved in political chicanery or adjudicating over minor or major criminal protagonists that it has tainted his view of human kind.

Thus he can be a very difficult man to predict when it comes to his mood. Depending on who he has been dealing with just before he meets the players, he can be pleasant or a tyrant.

Lotoon travels atop a floating disc guided by a small spite, but is always accompanied by at least 8 Jaccio Guard. Sometimes Erik Bore, the Jaccio Captain, will lead the Guard.

The NPC sheet that I use to help me play Lotoon.

Thursday 30 October 2014

Skull Terrain

Found this today when I was cleaning out some stuff in spare room. It was my sons and think it will make a great piece of terrain for either Quest or WFB.

There is actually a room which has a similar skull in it, The Witch Doctor's Cave: think it was inscribed on floor of room but this may well work even better.

The Witch Doctor's Cave.

Will make the room board but already have a tomb model and now the skull too. I wonder how it will look all together.

Me and our lass!!! 

Wednesday 29 October 2014

Dark Elf: Doomfire Warlocks

My version of Doomfire Warlocks

I have just painted these last night, although I began modelling them about 6 months ago. They have sat in a box, not even undercoated till last night. The reason being that I had intended working further on their hair, they definitely need more straggly bits, or volume I believe they call it in the adverts!

These are made from Mantics: Basilean Panther Lancer models, I got 30 of them for £20 which I thought was brilliant. I added some celtic torso's from Warlord and some green stuff to create the hair.

The reason for this move to Dark Elves is because we are playing a 2500 pt game om Thursday and I felt like playing Dark Elves with a Halloween theme. I am not sure what Mick is playing yet, or what my Halloween theme actually is.

Tuesday 28 October 2014

The Jaccio City Guard

This is the City Guard of Jaccio and the Mayor of Jaccio.
His Divine Holiness: Lotoon Blossem. I will provide a full character sheet for Lotoon another post.

Lotoon with his Guard. In total he has about 50 Guards at his disposal and also a variety of specialist advisors and mercenaries.

Monday 27 October 2014

Necrozone Walls

I am in the middle of making all the walls for my Quest in Space game, I always hear "Pigs in Space" in head when I say that. The walls are all made to a basic standard and have hardboard bases. All I have to do is the extra details, then paint and they are ready to use.

That all sounds a bit glib, because, as I am painfully aware, its all taking a long time to complete each stage. But not wanting my great viewing public to believe I am sitting about sipping Champagne from a stiletto shoe, I have a few pictures of how far I have go

Not wildly exciting.

These are all complete, just need painting. Then I have to get on with the doors.

Sunday 26 October 2014

Feral Warpwolf

I made this Feral Warpwolf for my Circle Orboros warband quite a while ago now. It was built from a GW wolf's head then an armature of card, layered on top with green stuff to create the details.  

Again I'm not trying to suggest that I am a great modeller, far from it. But I do enjoy making them and they do save me tons of money.

The base is just made from card cut into a disc using a Stanley knife.

Here is where you see the limitations in my sculpting ability really shining through- the back always escapes me.

Saturday 25 October 2014

The Light Wizard Counsel

The Light Wizard Counsel of Jaccio has come together to allow me to take some pictures with my new camera to see how they come out. Still playing with the camera, only got it this Friday, not sure if I have best set up yet or what its potential is.

So off they went to the catacombs below Jaccio to cleanse it of all that is foul and undead.
Bit silly without some one with a huge sword, but there you go!