Friday 24 September 2021

15mm Fantasy Flats: Undead

Following on from my last post, these are the outcome. 
I colour them at 30mm as they were drawn and then reduce them by 50% making them 15mm high.
then I cut them out, mainly with a knife, then mount on 210 gauge black paper, colour out the missed areas with black and mount the whole figure onto a washer. 
the washer is covered in PVAcrete and painted then the whole miniature is coated in at least 3 layers of acrylic varnish, the cheapest I can get.

Some close ups of the larger models mounted on 2 pence pieces.

The whole undead collection.

This last shot shows them with a 30 mm original I drew a few years back, to give a sense of scale and size. These have inspiered me to have a go at making some skeletons mmmm.....

Next post I will show what I have been making to go alongside these, so that me and Mrs Daxio can play solo... ish DnD on holiday


Thursday 16 September 2021

Flats: Lower level Undead.....but not Skeletons


Not posted for quite a while now, longest gap in the blogs history, but I have been doing stuff.

Mainly drawing flats at the moment. We have a weeks holiday coming up and we often play a game while away. Six weeks ago I had the idea of creating a board game similar to Zombicide, but with a range of Undead, which we could take with us to play.

These are the flats I drew to play with, not very keen on the spider, all the rest will do the job.

The backside of the undead horrors.

Water coloured rendering, this is over a photocopy....I never colour the original, just in case...

Will show you what I did with these next post.