Monday, 18 June 2018

KOW: Twilight Kin 1000 pts Complete

The Twighlight Kin army I have been working on for Mrs Daxio is almost done, a few bits need doing, but on the whole they are ready to hit the battlefield.

The skin tone is not finished quite yet, am not entirely happy with it.

A horde of Abyssal riders, slow for cavalry but lots of attacks.

A regiment of Darkscythe Chariots.

Lots of scratch built stuff here, enjoyed creating this model.

Bolt thrower.

A horde of Crossbow women.

A High Priestess of the Abyss.

A Dark Lord on a Black Pegasus.

The whole 1000 point force.

What else have I to do? Well I think that all the skin needs a black wash over it to give some detail back to it, and the Dark Pegasus needs its wings finishing off, some of it is unpainted.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Saga: First Saga 2 game at WWarriors GC

Last night Luke and I went to the WWarriors GC and played Saga, it was Luke's first game and my first with the Irish. So, learning as we go along.

We made some mistakes as I have bits of Saga 1 stuck in my head it seems.

Vikings ready to battle.

A rather punishing combat between our Hearthguard units ended with 2 dead a piece and a Fatigue also.

My dags were in the wrong place and wrong time, about to snatch failure from the jaws of defeat.

The Hearthguard units had another go and this time destroyed each other, then the Irish warriors had an incredible throw and removed 8 Vikings with their javelins, with help from Fir Bolg and 2 extra combat dice, but were then exhausted due to Odin being used on them. 

The Viking Berserkers then charged the Irish warriors and defeated them but also lost 3 of their number. 

 The second Irish warriors unit by the trees moved up and shot the remaining Berserker, while the Irish Warlord used his Javelins and then a combat to kill the Viking Warlord.

The Viking archers sniped off the Dag handler and that pretty much ended the game. We called it a draw as it was so close and it was a bit of fun to get us started. Luke seemed to enjoy the game, which is always good.

I have re-read many rules this morning and realised we made some silly mistakes but on the whole not too bad, looking forward to a re-match in a few weeks.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

D&D 5e: Yulmanda's Druid Spell Cards

If you have been catching my Blog for long you will know I occasionally draw and often like to make home made cards to play all sorts of games with.

Here are the spell cards and how I made them for Mrs Daxio's D&D character the Druid Yulmanda.

Starts with A4 card from the Range.

Quarter it.

I used another to get size, player card size so goes in Dragon Shield cover.

Cut and fold.

Cut out the edges to suggest a spell book....ish

Write out info, leaving out some unnecessary definite articles etc.

Writing the description is the hardest part of the process and my least favourite bit, but they are all done.

Finally an quick lick of wash round the edges to give a bit of colour and they are done.