Friday, 24 September 2021

15mm Fantasy Flats: Undead

Following on from my last post, these are the outcome. 
I colour them at 30mm as they were drawn and then reduce them by 50% making them 15mm high.
then I cut them out, mainly with a knife, then mount on 210 gauge black paper, colour out the missed areas with black and mount the whole figure onto a washer. 
the washer is covered in PVAcrete and painted then the whole miniature is coated in at least 3 layers of acrylic varnish, the cheapest I can get.

Some close ups of the larger models mounted on 2 pence pieces.

The whole undead collection.

This last shot shows them with a 30 mm original I drew a few years back, to give a sense of scale and size. These have inspiered me to have a go at making some skeletons mmmm.....

Next post I will show what I have been making to go alongside these, so that me and Mrs Daxio can play solo... ish DnD on holiday


Thursday, 16 September 2021

Flats: Lower level Undead.....but not Skeletons


Not posted for quite a while now, longest gap in the blogs history, but I have been doing stuff.

Mainly drawing flats at the moment. We have a weeks holiday coming up and we often play a game while away. Six weeks ago I had the idea of creating a board game similar to Zombicide, but with a range of Undead, which we could take with us to play.

These are the flats I drew to play with, not very keen on the spider, all the rest will do the job.

The backside of the undead horrors.

Water coloured rendering, this is over a photocopy....I never colour the original, just in case...

Will show you what I did with these next post.

Saturday, 7 August 2021

Stargrave: Loot Tokens


These are 6 Loot Tokens I have just recently made for playing Stargrave with,

Very simple to make, a base from card with half a wooden Jenga block stuck on top.
Then some weapon parts from my bits box and some cereal card to make the crates look more...cratey.

Data Loot tokens I made to look roughly like a consul of some kind, just used very small bits of cereal card painted appropriately.

A quick drybrush all over to give them a slightly worn look and some wash to bring out the details, finished with a bit of varnish.

Could easily use these in 5Parsecs as well. 

Seems that I am not really getting my finger out when it comes to actually playing a game of either Stargrave or 5Parsecs at moment, its because real life has opened its ugly maw and swallowed me whole. Work and elderly parents are really taking up my time and they have to be the priority, however I will get to it eventually.
Cheers for looking in.

Tuesday, 27 July 2021

What a load of Walls...


For the last week until I had to isolate again I had been working on some stone walls for myself and for Geek Gaming Scenics.

These were constructed from the slate chippings that we sell, superglued together onto a lolly stick cut into 4" lengths.

I made 4 sets and here are all the different faces for your walling delight.

I then used sand and glue to mortar them together so there were no holes as we intend making molds of these to use in projects.

Some GS was also used in the deep gaps to lend strength and support.

Without the mortar, start of the build.

At the same time I had been experimenting with different ways of making walls other than the way I usually did. So while I was waiting for the slate chipping variation to dry I had a go at creating some with foamboard , having stripped off the backing paper.

Very regular and the glue left from the paper interferes with the rounding process, but I will be doing some further experiments to see if I can get round that. Probably just needs a bit of light sanding.

As another side project I had been reworking some low interior walls I made for D&D ages ago, slicing them in two, length wise and reworking the rubbish face left over.

All the walls I made at 25mm.

When I downloaded all these pictures I was very careful to get them in the correct order, so I thought, but in reality they are all over the shop, sorry if they seem a bit random....its because I am :-)

Sunday, 11 July 2021

Cottage/Shop front for DnD and...


What started as a simple construction, and one which I was not happy with, has undergone quite a few changes and now has many uses.

I have extended the roof, detailed the inside walls and added wood beams, but the most interesting bits are the partial, ruined side walls and the ruined floor for the second floor. It now resembles and fits in with the other ruins I have recently been making.

This means that I can still use it for DND as originally designed but I can also use it for Frostgrave and even Kings of War as ruins.

Also it stores a lot easier than the full cottages I have made in the past, which I like very much. I have started to add these features to a second town house with 2 floors. Will be painting this hopefully at the end of the week.

I much prefer to have multiple uses for my builds, I have to say I am much happier with this model now.