Sunday 30 October 2016

KOW: Regiment/Horde of Trolls

Last night managed to put together/convert and base up and start painting my first regiment of Trolls for either the Orc or Goblin army as I have enough models to either.

Only one of the three is in its original position. I have made a very simple arm conversion on 2 of the trolls just to give some variety.

The original Troll model from Reaper Miniatures.

The second three 2 of which are cut ready to be converted.

Here they are glued, just used cheap superglue from pound shop.

The middle of the 3 will need some GS adding as it has a section of arm missing due to the conversion and it is rather noticeable. Rather like the middle miniature, looks like he's delivering a Stanley Kowalski line from "Street Car Named Desire." he just needs a vest. Actually now I look at them they could all be acting a line or two from the play :-) Very angry!

The whole horde of trolls together, still have a base to make from hardboard, but looking OK so far.

Saturday 29 October 2016

Mordheim Building Challenge Pt 6

Part 6 of my Mordheim challenge and I have the tedious task of adding PVAcrete to the bases and the edges of the buildings as you can see in these pictures.

Bases first to secure the model to the hardboard base. Makes them very strong.

Round the window frames also adds strength.

On the corners of walls and where the card of the original box causes problems.

Just to add texture to an area of wall.

Strengthening corners where they are likely to get knocked at the club.

Added to area to give texture and strength.

These 3 are the furthest on, 10 to do in total. 

Friday 28 October 2016

Frostgrave: The Library

Got over to WWarriors games club on Monday, as I often do, and got a game of Frostgrave in against Ian. Tried out the new trees for that Xmas feel. We played The Library scenario but a bit altered since I only had a handfull of bookcases. We created a ruined library in the centre of the board surrounded by ruins.

Instead of doors to enter and exit from we decided to use the four corners, we entered by one and had to leave via another. We placed the usual 6 pieces of treasure and got on with the game.

Ian's wizard and man at arms collecting up some loot.

The library beween the two warbands.

My gang of reprobates all clustered in the near corner, getting in each others way!

I managed to animate a construct before the game and with the hound he struck out towards the enemy. My thief rushed forward to collect a treasure chest. 

Up on the second floor of the building nearest Ian his archer nd barbarian reached some loot, but the combined shooting of my archers and a Elemental ball injured the barbarian badly. But not enough.

Both my wizard and his apprentice spent much of their time failing to cast spells and injuring themselves.

Initially my wizard, Mathgen, held back, but I realised we all needed to reach the far exit to win the game, so he got marching. 

The construct struck out for the treasure on the far left by on the tower steps. While the thug reached the loot in the library.

Ian's archer and barbarian started the slow climb back down the step ladders.

Ian's wizard conjured up a magic wall to protect him from arrows and magic balls!

Already heading for the safety of the far left of the table. His warband had 2 pieces of treasure at this point, I only had one.

My apprentice steps across to heal Mathgen, fails but boosts his spell taking 3 wounds but healing Mathgen. How very brave this was to prove to be.

The knight, the infantryman and the thief push toward the table corner.

Out of the ruined town house Ian's barbarian and his archer make for the cover of the magic wall spell. 

Ian's wizard creates a magical shield to protect him.

While th construct continues to make his way to the treasure at the tower the thug presses on towards the exit.

Mathgen manages to cast elemental ball on the barbarian and kill him, but missed hurting the archer, who the subsequently picked up the loot.

The infantryman and the knight have the archer in their sites.

Ian's infantryman swops with his wizard and picks up the treasure.

My apprentice steps into the ruined library to get an elemental ball off on Ian's wizard. He misses again! More self inflicted wounds, 6 now!

Ian's warband continue to move over to the left exit with their one treasure.

His wizard throws up wall again to protect 3 of the gang. My apprentice, even though he was standing next to a wizards table, surely that would count for something, failed to cast grenade and gave himself another wound.

Nothing to be seen because of the wall my warband jostle for positions.

Ian's archer sculks behind the intervening terrain with his prise.

The thug and construct both carrying loot.

My apprentice casts another grenade over the wall, casts but fails to hurt anyone.

Ian's turn to fil when casting, topping up his wizard to 5 wounds.

Foolishly my apprentice moved into the open only to be cut down by an elemental bolt.

Still foot slogging.

Ian's wizard take a couple of wounds from Mathgen, but not enough.

What we missed in the excitement was first the knight being elemental bolted to a cinder, then the infantryman charging into the archer, being despatched by said archer with a flurry of attacks, he never stood a chance! 

However in the dying moments my archer managed to shoot Ian's archer and he dropped the loot as he slowly bled out into the crimson snow.

As they left the scene the wizard managed to kill one of my archers and my wizard exacted revenge upon Ian's apprentice by slying him with a elemental ball.

At this point Ian's warabnd left the table and the game came to an end.

Post Game Sequence

Ian's warband secure 2 treasure and gained a couple of grimoires, and while most of his soldiers managed to recover, his barbarian will miss the next game, his apprentice was not so lucky. Rather a big blow, but I am sure Ian will managed to find a replacement for next week.

Very luckily, although I had lost the knight, infantryman, hound, an archer and my apprentice
all of them recovered to play in the next game. Two grimoires and 2 magic items, a shield and a bow as well as lots of cash. Mathgen's warband are looking flush at the moment.

I will have missed some details as could only write this some days later, sorry, Ian correct me if wrong please :-)

A smashing game which we both enjoyed, cheers to Ian for making the evening fun, we had some laughs :-)