Sunday 29 November 2015

The DMGinfo

After plugging one of my inspirations for a lot of my content I felt it only right I should continue with the other in the form of DMGinfo. This fella is a must watch, there is so much to learn from him.

Many of the furniture Items I have made have been directly taken from DMGinfo's fantastic video's. So a huge thank you to DMG.

I think the only alteration I made was to use a knife instead of scissors and PVA glue instead of a glue gun.

The above link should lead you onto a whole raft of fantastic tutorials which are all stupendous and a great deal of fun.

Saturday 28 November 2015

KOW: Bulwarkers Horde

Finally completed the Bulwarker Horde for my Dwarf Kings of War army, not many units left to complete now and when these models are all put together and painted I will not be buying any more
(famous last words)

The two unit fillers are made from stuff I have made and cheap bear models from Home Bargains.

I made all the spears from card and cocktail sticks.

The bottle behind is an oil burner, its Serefina's.

Have to say I had real problems attaching the spears, they didn't seem to want to go anywhere, in the end I put them where they best suited.

Friday 27 November 2015

New Cottage Design

I have been changing some of my ideas about how I make buildings: this is my sort of standard approach, but since I watched DM Scotty's ideas on the video I posted, I've been thinking that maybe I should approach the whole process differently.

I wanted to create a second story to my cottage here and it was to be the start of looking at the whole design afresh.

I built the second story in foam board the same as usual , but here the walls are mortise and tenoned  , so they can come to pieces for storage.

And because I want to be able to place models inside I had to cut a floor for them to stand on.

Then I thought that I could actually create all my buildings in this manner. If you watched the DM Scotty video then you will see where my inspiration has come from. He built one of these as a front to a building and it looked great, but I wondered if the whole build could be like it.

My only worry is that with constant use that the joints may well get sloppy, but I'm thinking that a bit of card or thin wood may strengthen them, we'll see.

I will post more when I have added details to the single wall pieces.

Wednesday 25 November 2015

KOW: Herd V Empire of Dust 4

The completely inconsequential and deluded ramblings of Daxio Roth Chop, retired mage, who must be stopped from giving us his dreadful opinions. 

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Games Night: Wakefield Warriors

6,000 Point Kings of War Battle

Went to the club last night and played in a massive game,6,000 points per side. Luke and myself playing Ogres and Dwarfs teamed up to battle Steve, Lee and Mick playing Empire of dust, Undead and Ratkin.

The Ogre Dwarf alliance only had 5000 points on the table to start, as a result we decided to deploy in the centre of the 12' table we were playing on. As units were destroyed we were allowed to recycle up to 1000 points, we got as far as 720 points.

We all agreed that the final outcome was an:

Evil Alliance Victory

I will post my thoughts about how the Dwarfs should be used another time.