Saturday 31 December 2016

Zombicide: Xmas Present

Well look what I got for Xmas, totally unexpected, me and Mrs Daxio were quite surprised, first time my oldest has bought me a game of any sort. We also played a mission the three of us and had a hoot.
Look forward to playing more over the holidays.

Image result for zombicide

Looks like I have a ton of models to paint, but then whats new :-)
Cheers Tom :-)

Friday 30 December 2016

Mordheim: Building Challenge 6

When was this supposed to be finished? How long did I give myself? Have I reached my target?
September, a month and NO are the appropriate answers.

Here is where I am :-) The 2 smaller ruins are complete and another 3 larger buildings are part painted. One large building needs undercoating and the last 4 buildings need their edges finishing and then painting, but due to Harry Potter films I have done quite a lot in the last 2 days.

Thursday 29 December 2016

MUMG: The Avengers

Having completed the Avengers I thought it only proper that I post some pictures of them all together as a group. Looking forwad to playing the game, but have really enjoyed painting the miniatures themselves.

Tuesday 27 December 2016

Rogue Stars: BMB-Rover and Joey Brazil

Here are the second two characters that I intend using in my initial games of Rogue Stars.

Joey Brazil 


My intention is to run a solo game pitting the 2 halfs of my Bounty Hunters against each other in a mistaken situation which leads to them forming an alliance in order for them all to survive. Details to follow. 
Should get me playing the game and understanding how it comes together and how it feels.

And here is a revised, non sanctioned, character sheet, I've added a section to record armour.

Saturday 24 December 2016

Walking Dead: Prelude to Woodbury, Solo Starter Set

Our last purchase and my last Xmas present, gaming wise, came yesterday.
Got this so that, hopefully, Mrs Daxio and me can play together collaboratively bit like we do when we play Quest. Will let you know how that turns out.

Still haven't opened the box as am still not at full thrust, so to speak.

Looking forward to painting the models in the new year:-)

Friday 23 December 2016

Walking Dead: Terrain Board

Since buying the basic Walking Dead game last week I have been dabbling with creating some 3D terrain to play with on a 2' board. I intend creating some barricades and have bought 2 cheap 1:43 scale model cars which just about fit in with the scale of the miniatures.

Got one more cheap car coming from Ebay in a week or so, no not another sports car :-)

Will make some barricades after Xmas.

Managed to undercoat all the minitures but that's all, ill health has stopped me in my tracks, almost like a "Walker", if only I could get off the sofa, more like a "lounger" I suppose.

Think the whole scene needs some smaller scatter terrain to give the board a more desolate sort of feel.

Yesterday I made a section of road which I have managed to paint and I already had the trees made from several years ago. Same with the bushes.

Edit: This post is a bit mixed up as the road was actually made several days ago but I then got a chest infection which I have not enjoyed at all, so have not posted or done any modeling at all.

Mrs Daxio and myself hope to play a game tonight, if I can concentrate long enough, if we do I will post some pictures.

Monday 19 December 2016

Rogue Stars: Trego Mills and Jaffa Wode, Bounty Hunters

So, as promised, here are my first two characters for Rogue Stars. I have created a simple hand drawn character sheet, which is in no way endorsed by the creators of Rogue Stars. It gives all the relevant skills and equipment.

Trego Mills

Trego is a lovely miniature sculpted by Mark Copplestone, I bought her for Mrs Daxio.

There is a good chance that I will add to it and create a more thorough rendition. I have already noticed that it should have an area for the total XP spent. Also I forgot a place to record Tactical Disciplines, so a revision will appear some time soon. Edit: have added these 2 areas already.

Jaffa Wode

Yes, Jaffa is based on a cheap plastic giraffe with a load of Gs added and an orcs head from my bits box.

Also looking carefully at the character sheet I could have put armour stats on too, maybe further revision is needed :-) And yes my drawing is marginally better than my computer skills :-)

Sunday 18 December 2016

MUMG/Walking Dead: Roads

Not a wildly exciting post today, but it is what I was on with last night. Basically I marked and cut a sheet of 2' square hardboard to be made into road sections, next I will be adding features such as gravel and flag stones.

Marvin planning his next move. If only he would help me paint the road sections.